Prince Abraham Von Varlet V is a Mewnian monster that is a hybrid of two of the oldest monsters in Mewni, more so with the Bestiary Dimension, his father like this and his mother, this, who is still young for his lifespan. He is the true heir to Mewni as his parents were the original rulers of M'onstraus until their murder by Prime Major Admiral Asper Swipe. He had dedicated his life to avenging his family, not helped being raised in Woolica, Kelly's home dimension, whereas he always greets and pays with punches, which often lands him in trouble, resulting in a monstrous antisocialism. Because of his heritage, he believes himself to be the rightful leader of Mewni, and swears to take over once Asper is slain. Though he is disappointed and even enraged that not only has a monster like Globgor, whose monster species fought in a brutal war against his father's side of the species during the Bestarian Dimension's VERY early days and had beaten Globgot's people 50 times over, become subsequent leader of monsters by virtue of desperation from other monsters, even more so that he did it with a mewman, but also for the nihilistic actions done by a distraught Star Butterfly after the Solarian invasion of Mina Loveberry that officially made Mewmans look like nihilists, he even swears to instigate another war for the fate of Mewni. He despises Mewmans for what they stole from monsters and even what extreme actions they do, including Star and Eclipsa's mother Solaria the Monster-Carver, but has no killing bone in his body except for Asper. He also has signs of a hard-to-see good inside, and it'll be hard to beat any sense into him as his experience and cunning is equal to Asper.


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