Prince Volcaena is an Equestrian natural Alicorn and the Alicorn God of Volcanism, controlling the flow of lava in the mantle of the world itself, and a family member of the Alicorns that controlled plate tectonics, seismic activity, volcanoes, geological balances, and so on. Being the creator of the G4 version of the MLP G1 villain Lavan, a lava demon who went rogue and tried to kill all Alicorns for being 'too cutesy to rule the world', until being defeated by the head Alicorn Gods, King Temperanus and Queen Philosophia, and being exiled to the deepest recessed of the world's mantle where there was no escape. Since then, Volcaena more than made up for his mistake, and his soul now rests inside the biggest and most active volcano in Equestria, Mount Volcaena, since the extinction of the Alicorn Gods during the Chaos Wars.


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