Princess Maryellen Abeyance is an Alternate UUniversal Human from Planet Chronicus. She is a beautiful princess who has always been silent, never learning how to speak except for a few giggles, groans, sobs, and so on, but was a very expressive person, as she was mostly raised by her beautiful warrior sister Rosia Abeyance, who was murdered by her stepmother Queen Elehelde, seeing her a threat for her quest to be the fairest in the world, which was held by Maryellen, since she never amounted to anything in her life. But despite this, Rosia took her grievous wounds long enough to warn Abeyance and tell her to run. Thus she went missing as she could communicate with life. Elehelde since tried using magic to become more fairer despite being told her magic cannot be used to heighten what is her limit, and only accelerated her aging into an old hag. Blaming Abeyance, she faked her own death and tried to have Abeyance killed many times, most times thwarted by another mute and a childhood friend of Abeyance she fell in love through more than a kiss named Prince Dashing, and eventually succeeded through a subtly-planted poison, until being slain by Dashing with Rosia's magic sword. Dashing eventually used inherited magic from Abeyance to wake her up with a kiss, getting the two married and making her one of the defending princesses of The Fantasy Council. She is the AUU version of Snow White.


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