Princess Consciencea Vibe is an Equestrian Natural Alicorn and the primordial Alicorn goddess of emotion before Mana Magic. Before the end of the Chaos War, she sought to do something better with magic and it's connection to emotion. Thus before her death, she not only poured her soul into a relic called the Eye of Acedia, and her soul essence became a new race of spirits called daemons, which were serpentine entities that could shift into mortal pony forms at will, and represent a quality closely pertaining to the magic of friendship, while acting as tutors. She helped unite seven friends together with these teachings: Clover the Clever, Yksler, Aurora the Hippogriff, Mirage the Changeling, Knuckerbocker, King Grover, and their biggest soul-searching friend and head, Vibe Idol, who fought off her mental disabilities, problems and doubts through trials involving her six friends and was rewarded by the soul of Consciencea with seven daemons: Dike, Eros, Hebe, Hygeia, Mnemos, Soteria, and Pothos, who each represent the pillars of Justice, Love, Youth, Health, Memory, Safety, and Longing, and give her the ability to see hardship and remedy it. Thus her lineage and daemons gave birth to a family of daemon-pony hybrids that included High Chancellor University, Chancellor Wellplay, Eightball Roll, Backgammon, and Cozy Glow.


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Consciencea is an Alicorn Goddess with a purple magic effervescent and sparkling mane and tail, an amethyst coat, wisteria in her hair, eyes that change color upon different emotion, and a magically clouded heart for a cutie mark.

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