Princess Enchantra is the Alicorn God of Love, Beauty, Sex, Procreation, Fertility, and Marriage. She is as beautiful as they come, and has had dozens of husbands, and she brought beauty in it's brightest forms across Equestria in her kind's time, creating relics like the Alicorn Brooch which makes the wearer as beautiful as her, being the most beautiful in Equestria. She had an amazing and wild fashion sense, and she had all the qualities that made one attractive, interesting, and nice to be with. She is the sister of Queen Philosophia, and was destroyed with her during the Chaos Wars when fighting Tyranny. She has since radiated her soul into many areas of Equestria to keep it beautiful even after death, which is what gives it color, beauty, scenery, and anything visually stunning. Though her magic would be harnessed by fanatics to create Inspiration Manifestation magic, a magic of which would be abused by ponies like Rarity as the power can be mildly addicting, which is natural considering the Alicorn God it is derived from, and her soul has yet to be found.


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