Princess Goliana Sunstrandy is an Alternate UUniversal Human from Planet Chronicus. She is a golden-haired princess and the ruler of the land of Goliana born with magic golden hair of untold magic of unknown magical properties after her mother was cured at pregnancy by a healing power stolen from a neutrally-bitter enchantress named Enchantress Germaine. As punishment for this theft, Germaine cruelly undid the healing and left both parents to die, leaving her to take their place as queen and brainwashing the town into having no memory, all while raising Goliana as her own daughter, as a replacement to what was stolen. Raised by her false mother for 19 years, Goliana became a carefree princess with long hair of unknown magical properties, as Germaine had to keep it uncut because the magic cannot exist without it, forbidding her from leaving by saying the outside was cruel, when she actually didn't want her to discover the truth. But when a thief named Englebert ended up chased out of the kingdom with her, and all Germaine said was disproved and she found Germaine's original home, she eventually discovered the ruse, and declared that she would never let Germaine use her hair again. Angered by her threat of stealing her property, Germaine takes revenge by killing Englebert and placing a destructive curse on the kingdom to have it disappear into nothingness unless Goliana makes a binding oath to stay forever. With Goliana having no choice in defeat, Germaine discovers too late that she was violating the terms of her eternal youth and property as she could only keep it if used responsibly, as even though the kingdom stole from her, it lead to good results that she ended up destroying because of her greed, and by threatening her adopted daughter's home, she violates the redemption she made when killing her parents and breaks the deal. Thus, all the power she had was taken from her and inserted into Goliana and the resurrected Englebert and original king and queen permanently and making them immortal, taken away forever from Germaine, and all Germaine could do was watch in horror as her power was fading and she rapidly aged to death as punishment for her crimes. The curse on the kingdom is effectively cancelled out because of her death, and Goliana marries Englebert while happily reunited with her resurrected parents. Now she has the ability to control the length of her hair and use unknown magical powers, earning her the role as one of the defending princesses of The Fantasy Council. She is the AUU version of Rapunzel.


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