Princess Maricolous

Princess Maricolous

Princess Maricolous was the Alicorn God of the Sea in Equestria. She was responsible for the nature and beauty of the sea, and her family were powerful guardians who kept earthquakes and tsunamis in check. She is also capable of communicating with sea life, and is responsible for tropical storms. She is also the creator of Equestria's merpony tribes (among other related beings such as mermares, seahorses, and the rare yet pure-minded seaponies) as a means of sharing her beauty of the sea with the other three pony tribes, and the four seemed to share an elegant relationship. She even fell in love with mortal ponies, and this lineage gave birth to Queen Oceanious Typhoonica of Equantica, who shared her ancestors' bond with the sea, and believed that all sea life was precious. However, she was among the many Alicorns to be destroyed during the Chaos War, leaving her creations to carry on her legacy. She was told on in legend to be so beautiful, her beauty washed into the ocean and gave birth to it's own beauty, as ponies who shared friendships with merponies agreed that the underwater world was so hypnotically stunning, loads of stories were told, despite their bickering in post-Chaos War times and cause of the Windigo Ice Age driving their merpony friends away into far oceans. Maricolous' soul is now kept within a giant immortal and durable clam deep within the seas of Equestria that used to act as her crib and bed in life, existing inside a large fluorescent crystal-ball-like pearl which has power so strong, her beauty shines all across Equestrian oceans and continues to keep them as stunning as they were thousands of years ago, under the protection of her best friend Queen Novo in her home of Seaquestria. Her power is what fuels her magic pearls, such as the Pearl of Transformation, that allows them to shift land creatures to sea creatures and back again, all pearls being connected within their location within the security jellyfish chandelier by a life-link as their existence depends on that of the Pearl of Maricolous, which is why it is heavily fortified. She has a singing voice like Annie Golden.


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