Princess Meteora is a Natural Alicorn from Equestria and the Alicorn goddess of the weather. Before the Chaos War, Meteora and her family were in charge of the weather in Equestria and upon their deaths, aerial beings were put in charge of her family's job. Meteora's soul still resides in a relic of her creation called the Barometer of Meteora, which was designed during the Chaos War to act as a weather device should the worse happen to her race. But because of the impact the Chaos War left on mortal society including the ponies, the Alicorn Gods' mortal descendants, the Barometer was placed in Alicornia, leaving Meteora's soul dormant for eons hidden by her own representation. Though she has a calming demeanor, she has constant mood swings that change her appearance, and she has a conservative demeanor. Outside the Barometer, Meteora has had other creations including the Eye of the Storm, a living stormy nimbus cloud in shape of a giant eye, that can take any meteorological form, sometimes beyond clouds, and is capable of unlimited weather manipulation, even being able to defy geographical sense, among other self-aware storms such as the storm around the Crystal Empire, which were created because of a phase in which she was appalled by mortals hating weather for reasons such as disruptions in their lives and/or storm casualties, creating them as a form of selfish penance. She had also created weather-based creatures such as Windigos, Wechuges, Enenras, Sylphs, Płanetniks, Chenoo, Alas, Kasha, Odei, Pamolas, Wandjinas, Xiuhcoatls, and so on as other forms of respect for the weather. Despite this, she is not a bad person, her mood swings just have abit of a bad enfluence on her sense of moral judgement, not helping that as an Alicorn God, being amoral, that she doesn't exactly properly understand the blight of mortals neither.


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Meteora has a hurricane for a cutie mark, her eyes are sky-blue, and her appearance and coloration changes according to emotion:

  • Base: White-blue cloudy hair and tail and sky-blue coat.
  • Happy: Golden hour-colored hair and tail and orange coat.
  • Angry: Stormy gray and black nimbostratus and cumulonimbus clouds for hair and tail and dark-blue coat.
  • Sad: Soaked and raining gray clouds for hair and tail and blue coat.
  • Disgust: Smoggy brown acidic raining mane and tail, and yellowish coat.
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