Princess Thelody Angel is an Alternate UUniversal Angellan from Planet Chronicus. The main character of a Gnostic-like fairy tale Æons and Angels, she was born as the princess and prodigy of Teadr 1 technology and the keeper of several high-tech artifacts and she aimed to advance her heavenly kingdom in the clouds into one unlike any other by shunning society and ruling anonymously to focus on upcoming and surprise advancements, becoming enlightened by her own intelligence and often times being too smart for her own good, as she was somewhat destined for greatness despite being an introverted and antisocial ruler of her kingdom. However, it's revealed that her family weren't the rightful rulers of the Aeon Kingdom when a technopunk tyrant named Aemetheus Æon and his nephew Master Æonox Æon deposes the false royal family and reveals that her family overthrew his because of a stagnancy caused by their beliefs that achieving a Teadr 1 status was a violation of natural order and creation, while her family aimed to do the opposite out of the kingdom's lack of significance and specialty when there was so much they could do, banning the beliefs that held them back under penalty of exile. Though maliciously upset that everything she worked hard for was for nothing and the secrets being proven correct by the other Aeon descendants, the Grand Aeons, and the demiurge and keeper of stable society, fate, and balance Aethiria, she aimed to take back the throne only to always be stopped by Aeonox, her equal and opposite. She abused knowledge and the power it possesses just to try and find a solution but to no avail, including the omniscient pool of knowledge, purity, and power known as the Gnosticon, Aethiria's mother. But she doesn't find until it's too late that she and Aeonox are syzygy mates, which are a legend said to establish the end of an opposite conflict at it's worst via uniting and coexisting rather than fighting and threatening to destroy each other, as the damage she did through the destruction of the Aeon Kingdom, believing that if she couldn't have it then neither could the Aeons, has all but destroyed his crush on her as he has her arrested and sent by the Grand Aeons to the Sige Zone, a heavenly penance realm where knowledge and sentience is lost forever and nobody is completely self-aware or remember who they are. While she subtly goes through a life journey about her sins during her stay that purifies her mind and heart, it's revealed that Aemetheus aimed for this destruction to happen in the hands of an easily ambitious gifted princess as penultimate revenge for the theft of the kingdom, and that he used Aeonox's feelings for her and his opposite sense of only doing a job loyally without passion, lack of pride for any concern the job destroys, and being incredibly ungifted and just an average warrior prince which bonds perfectly with Thelody's ambition, pride, and gifted nature to which he admired her need not to give up what she felt was the best way to show her talent, to ensure she had the repressed impulse to finally do it so he can rebuild the kingdom in his stagnant image. When this was discovered, Aemetheus sends him to the Sige Zone when he threatens to report this act of terrorism and conspiracy, hoping he would forgot everything there forever. He and Thelody meet and through a godly avatar of Aethiria, develop their syzygy bond through another life journey allowing them to restore their memories and become better people. They escape the Sige Zone and call out Aemetheus' crime publicly, forcing Aemetheus to admit that Thelody was what he should've been as an insignificant and ignored poor child as he was appalled beyond acceptable levels when he discovers his true origins from the Gnosticon which he used to successfully take over the kingdom and later the world, and even with his newfound godly power, he was no match for Thelody and Aeonox, banishing him to the Sige Zone forever. Ever since, Thelody and Aeonox became the new king and queen of the Aeon Kingdom in a balanced bond which became more linked and completely bonded their souls and lives giving them the same strength, and each grew stronger the more one of them trained, but they also require their own bond to remain strong. So, if one dies or weakens, so does the other. She soon became a member of The Fantasy Council and she shares one of the strongest pure hearts of any of the princesses there, possessing a wide knowledge of science and information, being a former datakeeper in a data library, working as the head of the Castle of Chronicles' data library. She is said to be as beautiful as knowledge itself.


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