Princess Venery Hunt is an Equestrian Natural Alicorn and the Alicorn goddess of the hunt. Though she does not hunt for food since Alicorns and ponies are herbivores, she instead hunted for sport or for salvation. She was a friend of Gaia Everfree and was notable as the founder and prime goddess of Potamia, the African homeland of giraffes, hippos, rhinos, elephants, antelopes, and zebras like Zecora. She was also responsible for hunting out the most rogue of Gaia's creations, most notably the Behemoths, Leviathans, Rahabs, and Zizes, which were all destructive beasts with the last of them remaining in Tartarus. She was the most worshipped god in Potamia for defending it from danger, something that they, as prey animals, couldn't do at the time. But when danger got worse for the land during the Chaos Wars, Venery told the people that she could no longer protect them and so they must protect themselves before departing to fight in the war until her demise. During this, the people of the land took her words to heart and have successfully chased out danger during what was historically called the Warrior Age. Venery's soul currently resides in a magical pendant owned by Potamia's founder, Queen Africa.


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