Prison 42

Prison 42

Prison 42 is a special prison that resides in the Negative Zone. It was designed by Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Hank Pym as the 42nd idea for their plans to make the world a secure place. The only entrance and exit to the prison is through the portal that resides somewhere in the Baxter Building and is guarded by the elite Mandroids of S.H.I.E.L.D. The inside of the prison is guarded by the Ultron units and are programmed to rehabilitate the prisoners. After they were used to even the odds against Kang the Conqueror, they were replaced by the S.H.I.E.L.D agents, because during the invasion of Kang, a lot of Ultrons were all destroyed, leaving only one left.

In the SpongeBob series, Prison 42 was bought by the High Council after a strict conference with S.H.I.E.L.D, and Nick Fury allowed the High Council to create a duplicate of the prison. The SAF version is located in a hidden area in the Warner Brothers Universe, and is guarded by robots similar in design to the Mandroids and Ultrons, and speically trained wardens. It is meant to imprison some of the most infamous criminals that committed crimes against the worlds. It momentarily suffered financial trouble thanks to the successful Tricorn-Katras, but thanks to the donations of good people, and gigantic support from Lord Copperfang, the funding was not only renewed, but the extra money was used to give the famous prison a new upgrade.


New Prison 42 Map

New Prison 42 Map

The prison has a portal tube that goes across the center which serves as a kind of elevator. The prison has 4 sectors that are technologically-advanced and meant to keep any kind of prisoner inside. Each sector has a sustainable amount of cells. Though there were several ways that a prisoner could escape, the security system is still good enough to keep them inside for a while. The prison is guarded by robots similar to the Mandroids and Ultrons of the original Prison 42, the Mandroids being the basic guards and the Ultrons being meant for heavy operations. The upper areas had 4 basic areas that monitor the prison itself. There is the control room which not only contains a hangar for ships to enter, but it handles security and the technology that keeps the prison stable, there is the prison cafeteria which prisoners go to in order to have their 3 meals of the day, there is the storage area which not only secures confiscated prisoner weaponry, but supplies guards with their weaponry and the supplies needed, and there is a medical center for psychological therapy, quarantine cells, and medical treatment areas.

When the prison was improved thanks to the incredible donations of Lord Copperfang, the prison was given several new upgrades. The security system and robot guards were improved, there was more room for more cells, the transport tube was given extra protection through a durable translucent alloy and the warp technology was upgraded, changing the portal and warp energy color from red to yellow, the metal the prison was composed of was switched from titanium to a stronger titanium alloy, the upper areas of the prison were given improvements, and the prison itself was now able to have it's own signals that can allow for limited television and radio for prisoners, Internet for the Wardens, and so on, all being picked up by the tower on the very top of the prison.

Regulations and Prison Sectors

The cells of the prison are each monitored by the robot guards in the Control Room. Each cell's camera is found on the wall facing the bars and also serves as a makeshift turret to knock out those who attempt to escape. And to prevent prisoners from developing gayness, sometimes opposite genders can be around each other. Though prisoners can go to the therapy section in the medical center of the prison if such a case doesn't work. Riots in the cafeteria result in all prisoners returning to their cells regardless of getting food or not. There are a sustainable amount of cells in each sector of the prison, and the prison hardly feels full.

Prison Sectors

  • Sentenced to Exile Sector- STES- This is the sector of the prison which is only meant for those who have committed crimes following a banishment. This sector is the least difficult to maintain since it doesn't have anyone insane. The cells have barred windows that allow temporary communication with their neighboring prisoners.
  • Sector for Evil Ghosts and Spirits- SFEGAS- This is the sector of the prison which is meant for dangerous spirits and ghosts. Each cell uses harnessed spectral energy fields to prevent ghosts from going through the walls, and they also make it impossible for spirits to escape since the fields are designed to harness the spirit's essence and use it against them. (Anima the Cruel Spirit)
  • Sector for the Villainously Insane- SFTVI- This is the sector of the prison which is only meant for those who are incredibly insane to be around normal criminals. This sector is the most difficult to maintain since the criminals here are not so easy to cope with. This sector has no barred windows like in the STES since prisoners here are sometimes prone to hurting each other. (Hank the Mutant Frog, Kryptonia, Narcotic)
  • Life Sentence Sector- LSS- This is the sector of the prison which is only meant for those who are to forever remain in Prison 42. Prisoners here are sometimes not very nice and might try and attack someone if given the chance, making it the second hardest to maintain. Like the SFTVI, the cells have no barred windows since prisoners here prefer privacy. (Batula, Darkness Qui, Celsius, Hypnorattle and Petey)

Common Inmates

Prison 42 Map

Old Prison 42 Map

(These are prime examples. It will not have ALL prisoner names on the account this page is somewhat neglected)
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