Vital statistics
Title Mr. Tux (A name he went by during his days as a mini-golfer), The Cute One, Trusting, Naive, Polite, Gentle, The One sane Penguin of the entire group, Shell Louge Member.
Gender Male
Race/Species Penguin. (No Direct spieces though).
Faction The Penguin Team.

The Shell Louge Squad.

Description Healthfully Cute.
Skills and Abilities Some training from Skipper, the Litteral Power of Cutness, Kindness.
Status Alive.
Location Dragon Guardian Temple.

Usually at the Centrol Park zoo in the underground HQ.

Alignment Adorably Good.

Private is the head of special operations for the penguins. He is the youngest member of the team, as well as the shortest and the most inexperienced. Despite his inexperience, often times when he is the only penguin to resolve the main issue (episode) in the series, he is able to reach an end that has both parties in a 'win-win' situation (giving Barry a hug and making the rest Zoo forget the penguin's spying on them, even his own team). In Eclipsed, King Julien states that Private is the nicest animal in the zoo. However, he is an excellent fighter (He was easily able to defeat Skipper in a training session in The Hidden). He has light blue eyes and speaks with a British accent (which his team suspects to be fake).

Madagascar movies[2]Edit

In A Christmas Caper, Private is the one who was captured. Even in the movie Madagascar Skipper states that it is unlikely that Private will return when they go off to fight the fossa, and the villain leage, In the movie, he was not actually treated well by Skipper because Private at first couldn't get the password for the ship correctly. Private's job was activating the ship's computer, Kowalski's job was to find the navigation on a map, and Rico's job was to make the ship driver shut up.

Penguins of Madagascar[3]Edit

The episode Paternal Egg-Stinct reveals that Private is much better at parenting than the rest of the team who have no clue about how to take care of an egg.

Being the youngest and unsure of himself, Private sometimes gets himself into some "sticky" situations. In the episode Tangled in the Web Private slipped on a roller skate and earned himself a large stage with the nickname "Slippy."

Mort Unbound depicted Private trying to reason with a giant Mort, who was under the effects of a ray Kowalski invented. After Mort throws Private aside, he too becomes big. After some tough love, Mort drinks an antidote Kowalski created and reverts to normal. Julien confronts Mort with a lesson, but Maurice said that Julien used Mort to bully the zoo animals. Julien doesn't want to admit it, but does when Private was about to sit on him. However, when it is Private's turn to take the medicine, he refuses it, as he enjoyed being big. Then, Rico says, "Oh boy."

In Skorca! Private is put on aerial recon duty. He brings a sugary snack for the trip, though he knew it causes him to have a sugar rush. Private sees a flying orca (actually a parade float). He alerts all of the zoo animals to the presence of the predator, which Julien dubs a "skorca", a contraction of "sky orca". While the penguins set off to track down the skorca, Julien engages the services of Joey the kangaroo to eliminate the threat. After discovering that Private consumed an entire box of "Winkys" during his patrol the penguins believe the skorca sighting was a hallucination resulting from a sugar high. They change their minds when they see the skorca, which is actually just a large parade balloon. During a fight with Joey for the privilege of destroying the skorca, when Private popped the balloon it flew away and took Private with it. Believing he is dead, the penguins held a memorial service for Private but he returns during the service with part of the skorca and is treated as a hero.

He doesn't seem to get angry at the lemurs unlike the other penguins, even offering to help them in several episodes and is even proud of doing something good for them (even though the other penguins don't), for example: In Lemur See, Lemur Do, the penguins broke a robot who's friends with King Julien which made them feel guilty, and after repairing it, Private said that repairing the robot for King Julien was a good thing, however the other penguins didn't agree with him.

In Cute-Astrophe, Kowalski used a machine to measure how adorable Private is. When Skipper urges Private to be a lot cuter, he then discovers what Kowalski called a 'Quantum Hypercute', with 132% adorability. When he uses this Quantum Hypercute, whoever looks at him will be swoomed, and knocked out because the victim's brains will have overloaded from too much penguin adorability. After hearing this, Skipper decides to use the cuteness as a weapon. They get Private to knock out any 'emergency' he saw. He got a lot carried away on it's use. However, When King Julien is closer to discovering their 'classified cuteness secret', Private refuses to use his adorability as a weapon again, and swears never to do it again. But when the 4 penguins get captured by Alice, one of the zookeepers in the Central Park Zoo, who attempts to transfer them to another zoo in Copenhagen (Skipper: DENMARK!!!!), Private still refuses to use his cuteness. Skipper uses urgent force to get him to do it, since he was banned from Denmark (Because of Hanz the Puffin), but Private yet still defies him. But when the zoo visitors see the penguins rolling in there cages, they adore it. And they all manage to urge Alice to keep the penguins in the zoo.

role in the spongebob and friends siries.Edit

pretty much the same things in the Penguins of madagascar siries. Private is just plain aborable, but he does have skills. he is like the cute little brother of the louge.


  • "I got something...Oh, never mind, it's only a flying snake! (Sir Hiss with his head in a balloon)"
  • "I'm disturbed as well, Skipper."
  • "Well, this sucks."
  • "(Drops screwdriver because of his wings and no opposable thumbs) Darn you, Darwin!"