Professor Abberant

Professor Celrin Jersicbra Abberant

Professor Celdrin J. Aberrant is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan from Planet Trecene. He is a scientist that worked for the Rabodan Military and retired when Tether Ruther was in his first month of service. In the military, he was specializing in augmentation serums derived from the DNA of AUU humans. He discovered this as the result of the research done by his father. He comes from a long line of scientists with doctorates in both bioengineering and evolutionary biology. His father was the one to discover something very fascinating and/or concerning about AUU humans. He discovered through the analysis of a deceased Human Protection Agency soldier who was a friend of his brother that AUU humans had a genetic anomaly that allowed them to unlock the potential to be something greater, as it explained the humans having mysterious genetic diseases and oddities that they have yet to learn. Apparently, Celdrin's father was the first one to discover this, and theorize that it's what causes their quick learning skills and even their famous Cerwan's Mutation, which allows individuals to evolve through maturity depending on the environment they're raised in. However, it also concerned him that, while it could be beneficial to them, it could also work against them because he had heard stories about a Teadr 1 race called the Ceallans, which had similar genetic anomalies as the humans until, upon reaching their unlockable genetic potential and becoming a Teadr 1 level, they ended up in a campaign of aggressive conquest 110 years later that resulted in their extinction. With the humans possessing a genetic anomaly of their own, Celdrin's father understandably feared that the humans would share the same fate. Thus, Celdrin's brother, Ghomstin, would join The Extinctioners to remove the humans from the equation as he felt that, if they were allowed to unlock their genetic potential, they would repeat history by returning to the AUU seeking power. However, Celdrin, while a little uneasy about this revelation as it was kept a secret from even the humans before they evacuated, moved on to continue his family's legacy as a geneticist, yet kept the discovery a secret to keep the AUU from freaking out and throwing around a viral conspiracy theory, which helped that the ones who do know about it think it's full of crackpot shit and denounced the current Abberant generation as crackpots. When he met Ruther when he was still on the run, he gave him his full support in stopping the Extinctioners because he didn't want his brother to shame the Aberrant name through genocide. He even wishes to inspire the humans into using their unlockable genetic potential better than the Ceallans used theirs as soon as they returned after the tyranny of the Villains Act. He plans to do this by testing the theory of humans having a genetic anomaly, but despite the fact that he would need a live AUU human to do so, and since there were apparently no humans that were left behind since their banishment, albeit some rumors that some still reside there, he seemed doomed to never find out. But he discovered that he could do so by helping Ruther despite his mixed genetics, hoping that his human mother's DNA might have given him the same genetic anomaly, which he could potentially use to defeat the Extinctioners.


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