Professor Buzzord C. Rackpot is an Abyssinian Griffon Vulture from Klugetown who is a crackpot scientist and inventor that, as a result of his wacky and destructive experiments, that were especially frustrating to Verko, he was about to be kicked out of Klugetown and exiled to the Bone Dry Desert until Capper saved him by taking him in as a friend, especially since he experienced the magic of friendship after saving Equestria from The Storm King. He would eventually be chosen as a science teacher for the School of Friendship, but he is constantly causing trouble with his experiments, causing countless mishaps of endangering students despite the assistance of two friends and a robotic hat that also aides him, a desert iguana named Igmar and a snapping turtle named Kurtle, because they are actually just as incompetent as him, though Igmar at least tries but often ends up a prissy cowerd thta often gets awarded with bad luck and humiliation apawn doing so, Kurtle being blindingly agreeable to the professor, and the Hat probe not exactly being brave. Though after many incidents of this, he eventually gets six assistants, the main one being an Abyssinian Great Blue Heron from Klugetown named Euri Kaki, a solitary fan of his whom he inspired and perfected his faulty experiments despite him having mixed feelings about this, though often he's angry at her for "stealing" his work, that later on harbors a crush on him after years of personal sympathy turned into desires for love in being able to recognize the professor's potential held back by his eccentric and poor hind-sighted behavior, as she brings along her five friends to help him: A cranky and sarcastic bearded dragon named Beardy, a bombastic and jokey rooster named Volat, a charismatic and hardworking bobcat named Lascivus, a weird and mute goliath frog named Groc, and a talkative and somewhat impetuous basalisk lizard with a lisp named Lanx.


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Buzzord is an Abyssinian vulture in similar build to Captain Celaeno, has white, black, and tannish feathers, a bald pink head and neck, a grayish-orange beak, hands and feet, wears a Western nobleman garb with a metal-looking top hat, which is named Hatty, and examiner googles. He also carries around a kooky self-made mechanical cane that can also be a swiss-army knife of a personal tool.

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