Professor Glitz Sirius

Professor Glitz Tarold Sirius

Professor Glitz T. Sirius is an Alternate UUniversal Rugholun Ohrugan from Planet Sirona. He is known to be the current and 31st president of Globex Industries. He was an orphan that was raised by Tiikons in a Tiikon city on Sirona, and thus gained experience as a very intelligent genius who won several awards in science at school, earned several master degrees in science, and was also a science enthusiast who looked up to Dr. Karana Globrunx and his biological grandfather, who was a great scientist for Globex in the past and changed a lot of sciences in his day. Both he and Sirius descended from employees at Globex, and Sirius eventually moved up into becoming president of the company. He was also friends with three Tiikons named Beed 'Beaker' Sen Tzeeker, Resla Ix Cryptum, and Auskar Gos Outremer, who all worked for Globex before and after Sirius got his position as president until they eventually became the heads of Globex's Robotics, Biology, and Military Divisions. These 4 friends have been taking good care of Globex, and have been stepping it up from the damage the Exo-Wars left on it.


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