Professor Goronway Ior Goldsynch is an Alternate UUniversal Cauter from Planet Chimerum. He is the lion-like feline former owner of a megacorporation called Goldverse Futuristics which had been a powerful business specializing in weaponry, prosthetics, robotics, household appliances, and many others that made Chimerum a great place. However, the megacorporation gained controversy when it's competition was impossible to go through and many other corporations and businesses got shut down. Even blackouts occurred when the megacorporation was active. Goronway declared that these changes stay even with all the controversy as they were making a mass profit and he was too greedy to give that up. This attracted the attention of Globex's Confederation of Corporation, a body of Globex designed by the Legion of Dominant Races meant to not just keep Globex from gaining too much power and becoming an easily-corruptable megacorportion, but also balancing out the power and making sure business is safe for all other forms of business across the AUU. As a result of Goldverse Futuristics being damaging to Chimerum's economy and way of life, as well as Goronway's refusal to correct it, they came to shut the corporation down. The greedy Goronway was arrested for resisting orders from the Legion and sentenced to community service as a worker in a garbage dump. Angered that all the riches and power he gained was taken away from him, he has since become a crime lord scientist who gained riches by joining the Villains Act and making an astronomical withdrawal. This money was used to create a syndicate where Corruption Co. would supply him with all the power he needed to build his evil empire. He had an entire private army of heavily-armed soldiers, another army consisting of powerful war robots, his technology was taken from the GCC and given back to him, and he became a great benefactor genius who would provide the Villains Act information about his home planet in exchange for their resources and technology. He was best known in Chimerum for his high-tech robberies and operations, rigging money from sporting events, his own underground smuggling routes, and for his possession of illegal technology such as mind-control implants or illegal firearms. He has been thwarted a few times by Clifton Clever. Even after the fall of the Villains Act, Goldsynch remained in the shadows as a crime lord, and still had connections with the surviving Corruption Co. thanks to The Dark Radicals. He is known for his gold mane, a gold tooth, and golden dual self-defense pistols, though a fighter he was not as they're more for show then actual use, Goldy actselly being a total cowerd in nature.


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