Professor Loadsby

Professor Threague Certy Zordon Loadsby

Professor Threague C.Z. Loadsby is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid-Human hybrid from Uridia. He was one of the best scientists of the Armatage Corporation, being a weapons designer, tinker, former Amatage guard and Phaseforce Officer, engineer, military inventor, roboticist, gun enthusiast, and an occasional bounty hunter. He has a wife in the form of another Gruid-Human hybrid named Ocsha Loadsby, as well as having 17 Gruid-Human hybrid children, and the entire family is renowned for enthusiastic talents in science, particularly because of their father's legacy as a scientist for the Armatage Corporation. He did well in working for the corporation, but he was later corrupted by the Armatage Corporation's tyrannical usurper Awesome Jaxtom, as he mainly runs the Armatage Corporation's Digistruct Industrial Park manufacturing it's AAF's A-Sentries and A-Sentinels, having it act as his own secret hideout. He has entire Uridium cybernetic implants around the outside and inside of his body, and has over two to four robotic weapon appendages on his back for self-defense, and he has cybernetically-enhanced eyes that allow him to identify anything he sees, among other functions. His wife and children, following his corruption, have been under the protection of Aotho and Wusamble Huncus in Fyregem, and later the Vault Seekers. Though eventually, the Lodgers and Heroes Act manage to confront him in the Digistruct Industrial Park in order to free the Vault Seekers from Jaxtom's control, as well as Loadsby himself after confronting him and his best creations Saeturn, MAXBLAST-X, and BARRAGEBLAST-XV, and later Jaxtom's control over the OmniNet when he goes into the Quarantine Initiative. He is the AUU parallel of Borderlands Professor Nakayama, only is heightened to maximum levels, is not meek and have a weak body structure, and cannot be easily beaten by being a klutz and falling down stairs and killed.


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