Professor Trace Fossil, AKA Professor Ponysaur, is a fictional Earth Pony from the Power Pony comics of Equestria. Created as a fresh new take since Humdrum's new character development arc brought on by Spike's comic adventure, Ponysaur was meant to be a challenge meant to test Humdrum's development as a three-dimensional character. She is a former paleontologist who went out to study Saursus (Equestrian Dinosaurs that existed during near the times of the Windigo Ice Age and when Equestrian Mesohippus thrived) in a hidden arctic sanctuary called the Saursus Land (AUU Savage Land), and, after the wrongdoings of poachers seeking to put these dinosaurs into a zoo, she became Ponysaur by turning herself into a Deinosaurus (Equestrian king of dinosaurs known for cognitive intelligence), and commanded all the dinosaurs to destroy the poachers, and wreak havoc on Maretropolis when her tainted dinosaur mind turned her evil, aiming to restore the 'Glorious Age of the Saursus' until the Power Ponies stopped her. She now serves as one of their new enemies.


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