Professor Scain

Professor Gair Toble Scain

Professor Gair T. Scain is an Alternate UUniversal Warble from Planet Qaclite. He was once a scientist for a green technology company called EcoTech that specialized in agricultural advancements, genetic farming, renewable power, and environmentally-friendly technologies. But things got troublesome when a priest named Father Groman came in and prosecuted EcoTech for being 'against nature itself' since he believed that life was too precious and their actions were 'playing god'. The way larger majority insisted that the companies are eco-friendly and not even so much as a sapling would be harmed by them, but Groman was too ignorantly protectant of nature that he was willing to protect it from something that isn't even actually a threat. He wanted to shut down EcoTech and other green companies to 'save the environment', and even got the aid of several hippies to preach. But fortunately, the hippies did eventually realize that these companies were actually very conciderate to the environment and eventually dump Groman for being an ignorant over-analyzing jerk who 'is harshing everyone's mellow for no real good reason'. But things got far out of hand that Scain called the Union Against Religious Abuse to take care of this. Groman resisted several times, and eventually got shot down. His church was sentenced to community service under the penalty of the abolishment of their religion as a result, yet Scain soon discovered that Groman was a descendant of a victim of the Exo-Wars, and felt guilty that he technically ordered Groman to be 'assassinated', only having intended for Groman to be reasoned out of his delusions or at best arrested and given a due trial. But he still thanked the Union for stopping the problem at all and joined as their source of science and technology. He granted much needed upgrades for Messian Officers and vehicles.


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