Profligo the Hurt Modernly

Profligo Hank Harmingstone (Currently, Viewer Discretion Advised)

Profligo H. Harmingstone the Hurt is a Mothron who is a historical rival of Remedium the Healed in her missions on the Kingdom of Corona, and even had a lust for her in the same sense that Judge Claude Frollo had for Esmerelda. He was the creator of the Moonstone and the Dark Kingdom that spawned from it, an Anti-Philosopher's Stone that has the ability to harm, deteriorate, and destroy anything, including immortals, through the Hurt Incantation. Profligo became the living enbodiment of deteriation and pain, as he also has masochistic tendencies and actselly bring himself harm, hence why he looks so battle damage, even to the point of actselly allowing himself to be harmed by oppendents, because the pain makes him stronger, thus his powers become more powerful, and potaintionally a flight-risk to a world as his power can cause a planet to deteriate as a side-effect of his presence. He was a master of torture and evil, seeing Remedium's blessings on Corona as something dangerous especially with it's Former Uniter Princess Lady Corona. Profligo is a member of The Five Pariahs, a sect of individual Mothrons so heavy in dark powers even the Mothron Emperor deemed them too powerful and dangerious for Obscuro to bare, so they were exiled from the planet as outcasts, being deemed "Mother Darkness' Too Perfect Children" that the Mothrons understandingly fear that embracing them would upset cosmic forces FAR beyond even them. They also became heavily wanted by the Lightflies for basicly the same reasons, along with the desistating potaintional the five could pose onto unsuspecting worlds. The result of this banishment is what tormented Profligo into evil and hurting whoever he wanted, seeing the Moonstone as his biggest tool of destruction and sees Flynn Rider, the missing prince of the Dark Kingdom and the boyfriend of his hated magic's greatest bearer since Lady Corona, Rapunzel, as a very ironic threat to his rule should the two finally get married and believes that they must not be allowed to be together, and like Mother Gothel, he'll stop at nothing to keep his power secure, including murder and manipulation.
Profligo the Hurt

Profligo (When he was starting).

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