Aurlena Fists has a serious problem. A vengeful former Scienctist, Dr. Aragon, has created a Biobot Clone of Aurlena Fists named Eurlana Fists, an almost simular (but off by a few OBVIOUS details) to Alurlena. It was mostly a failure cause die-hard fans of the Heroes act quickly caught on that the imposter is a blonde (and certain dead obvious features that best will be seen by yourself) so any hope of frame Aurlena failed, but it is still dangeriously successful in causing major damage. Aurlena has a personal score to deal with, on both Aragon and the fake. Can the Lougers survive a clash of robotic fists?

Material Used

(Aurlena vs. Eurlana Battle Theme)

Tekken 7 OST - Jungle Outpost -Round 1- (Launch Ver

Tekken 7 OST - Jungle Outpost -Round 1- (Launch Ver.)


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