Prosecution Brain-Pod

Prosecution Brain-Pod (New version)

Prosecution Brain-Pod, PBP for short, is a very intelligent brain-pod robot designed by Senator Tricorn and a Doctor Who fan sciencetist to be the perfect prosecutor. He's made for one purpose, and one purpose only: to bring out justice. Senator Tricorn has had over 5 court cases prosecuted by PBP, and all of them were successful. Nobody has ever been able to beat him, and he's even out-prosecuted other prosecutors before. The brain is from none other then Tri-Corn's talented and imfamous ansister, Law-Corn, who had won over many cases through-out his life and died from a tragity concerning a criminal he prosicuted once who killed Law-corn before the brute was brought down. However, The PBP might find itself to be turned into another terrorable villain and a another great enemy of the lougers.


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