Since Gordon the Animal's defeat, The AUU Grand Council have brought the Roptords to a repopulation center where they donated their own DNA for their research. They are guided by a Roptord expert named Professor Jixar, who had studied Roptord behavior long before they became endangered. He has even been rumored to have raised a young Roptord until it died after being bitten by a venomous snake. Since then, he swore to protect any Roptords, especially after how they were nearly wiped out. He even hires the assistance of reformed former VA scientist Dr. Irossk to help in the cloning process, but knows it won't be easy since they don't give live birth. Qui, however, prefers to stay out of it since she blames herself for the decline of the Roptords because she had attempted to stop Gordon before he could do anything after kicking him out, but arrived too late. But the Roptords decide to visit Qui in the Original UUniverses, and tell her they don't blame her for their species' decline, though skeptical and harshly critical. However, things take a turn for the worse when a rare-animal-collector Guam rail named Lord Rareington has gained a supreme interest in the Roptords, and wants to keep them for himself. Ever since the AUU was proven real, he wanted to collect AUU animals for display like he did with an AUU mythological creature called a Shariqix, which is part of a misguided delusional fantasy to collect endangered speices to, in some way, 'help and preserve them' in light that, like the Roptords, his species is nearly extinct, and he was raised in a breeding program. Knowing fully well about legal reprocautions about keeping sentients against their will, Rareington gets his two Alagoas currasow assistants, Scrape and Tar, to kidnap them. With the group discovered to be missing, it's up to the Shell Lodgers and the Heroes Act to help rescue them. But little does all of them know is that the Shariqix that Rareington captured was actually a Villains Act mastermind creation thought to have been destroyed named Master Shredd, and with his natural ability to change color and scare others, it will not be pretty when he ends up using the Roptords as leverage to get Rareington and the Lodgers to do as he says.


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