The Protoweapon is an adversary machine in the game Omicron II. It was the greatest project of Pixel Defense Industries meant to protect Pixellania from anymore threats and viruses. It currently does not have a more offital name so it's only called the Protoweapon on account of it being a prototype. However, it would not protect the project itself from being tainted by the villainous ways of Vi-tor's replacement, Craborg. It is a fly/scorpion-like machine which has large legs, 2 pairs of red glowing wings, long flexible tail with a prehensile tail with a claw useful for grabbing and throwing objects, as well as electrifying it. It also has two claws that can fire concussive blasts or focus lasers that depixelate anything it hits. It also creates similar drones to the Yellow Crabbot. You must hit it where it' vulnerable enough times to take out it's power core.


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