Shiv Z. Pryse is an Alternate UUniversal Neimongo from Planet Cquirion. He is a nice person who was abducted by his father Crankshaft after his mother and older siblings had him turned into the Phaseforce for being a secret con artist. He raised him to be a weapon smuggler like him, and in time, he grew weary and unfulfilled of his career, as he did everything he can to keep him from the Phaseforce as it would lead to him knowing about hi abduction as he lied that they abandoned him. Eventually, thanks to a romance with Qoola Roxxon, a child whom he accidentally left an illegal Qooler Plasma Cannon with as a baby and got named after by her father General Roxxon, he discovered the truth, but then his father threatened him and kept him locked up forever threatening to give him a mind-control implant since he threatened to turn him in and take away all that he gained with his help. Nevertheless, with Qoola's help, they succeeded. But he managed to escape, find Pryse, and blast his left arm off, yet Qoola used her Qooler Plasma Cannon to blast him so fatally, he became a holobot cyborg. Though Qoola would face legal issues for possessing an illegal firearm, General Roxxon and Pryse helped her out, especially when Pryse has his arm replaced with a holobot arm that gave him the ability to defend himself. The two remained a couple ever since, yet General Roxxon had to have him moved to an orphanage on Hoole to keep him safe, as he was eventually adopted by Holomaster and made one of his top competitors when he became older.


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