Pyrogrowmong is an Equestrian Gargoyle who, next to Narbol, was a relatively-feared gargoyle in the Pony-Gargoyle Wars long ago. He was known for being dangerous for his mental illness, his pyrokinetic abilities, as told by his fire-colored wings, and a hatred for ponies. It remained feared even with the half-fall of the Architects, but even this beast was forced to retreat when the war was won by the ponies. Pyro only wanted to make his older brother, King George, happy, and failed trying. Especially when his brother was the only thing he has now when their parents died from the Windigo Ice Age. Since his brother trusted Man-Vulture, he did also, without question. His mental condition and hope to bring down the ponies prevailed over what little judgment was there, and made him his own corruptive pawn. He's an idiot, but an idiot with fire-manipulation.


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