The Q-8000 Karmputer is an advanced supercomputer of undetermined Teadr 0 origin from the Alternate UUniverses that has a mind of it's own, advanced security defenses, and has the uncanny ability to manipulate time and space through quantum technology. This device, as it turn out, was owned by the Gods of the Alternate UUniverses as a device to manipulate fate by order of their master, Grafatus. Though when they were banished, he took this device in as his own, and have been using it as a last resort, as he already has the ability to do what it does. Soon enough, when the Villains Act he set into motion is undone by unlikely heroes and left the Villains Act unable to function properly on their own after constantly losing their edge, he will intentionally leave the Karmputer in the hands of a distinct mad genius, hoping that he will restore the Villains Act back to it's former glory.


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