Qamar is a kind-hearted giraffe from the Pride Lands who was a great negotiator in her youth. She has been part of the Pride Land Council for a while before her retirement. She enjoyed her job and she represented the voice of the herbivores. She assisted in making sure that herbivores and carnivores shared a great relationship for the good of the Circle of Life. Unfortunately, what lead to her retirement was the banishment of the Pure Hyenas, where she was the only herbivore in the room who showed sympathy for the hyenas. But because of a democratic approach by Hasira and the other herbivores, her protest was immediately overruled, and the decision was made regardless. With the Pure Hyenas gone, in more ways than one within the next few months which lead to the Lion-Hyena Feud, Qamar felt that she failed as a negotiator and left the Council as well as the Pride Lands to live in a different area in Africa, where she still resides today.


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