Qolma the Strong

Qolma Jen Reach

Qolma J. Reach is an Alternate UUniversal Uogga from Planet Tentry. She is known to be another studier of Magelio just like Superius Samantha. Though she didn't start out that way. She was a vastly beautiful and popular girl in school, though she didn't want to be popular. Her enjoyments in life is flying on a special GravWing-10 of her own design, and studying Magelio. Her skill and a special sacrifice of something valuable to her earned her a chance to be a master of Magelio magic and she was brought to the Magelio Council, given the ability to heal herself and others, fire magic blasts from her palms, can turn invisible, create shields, and even freeze time itself. She still carries her GravWing for graceful flight, and she has redesigned it to look like an angel's wings, looking like the wings of Mercy from Overwatch. She has since gained the power to stand up to the Villains Act multiple times, fighting off several invasion leaders including General Tisserand, General Von Trecton, and Lieutenant Vanjervalis. She is soon to consider joining the Heroes Act.


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Coming soon...

Her UIS Identity, Phibelle the Indomitable, is a creature called an Iger, which is a rat-tailed leopard that has a habit of stealing food from even other members of it's species, and trash. Phibelle has four astral wings and four astral hands which she uses to fly and grab things from far away, and even carries two combat wands. She's also more battle-hardened in mind and body as she has too much power than she knows what to do with and has a bad view on the AUU because of how chaotic it is, and sees her own power as too dangerous even for her, but finds ways to use it well.

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