Qoria Tela Prowse

Qoria T. Prowse is an Alternate UUniversal Gametean from Planet Gamea Reeft. She is a female coral alien being that has now been rendered into a robot by a very extreme Skepticen Scientist of the Union of Independent Systems as a punishment for trying to explore outside her isolated homeworld and wants to fight to show her sentient coral race that they can't hide forever, as this journey of antisocialism landed her into eventually joining The United Usurpation Force as a member of Team Cibarron. Though her team doesn't know her true identity because of promising to herself she'd keep her own race safe, she has been hunted by enemies of her race, which are to be noted to not be at all related to the UIS races, that are smart enough to recognize her or deduce her true identity. Due to this, her social health is very weak and she has repressed insecurities.


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