Q0RT8-Y5 is an Alternate UUniversal robot from Planet Uridia. She is a robot that is currently like a nanny and a guardian for Ocsha Loadsby and her many children since her husband Professor Loadsby was turned evil by Awesome Jaxtom and her brother-in-law Coss Loadsby neglected to watch over them not trusting the residence of Fyregem. Since then, she chose this model she found accidentally to be the other person of the household. Qorthys started out as part of a project of the Phaseforce called the Vaultlock Project, meant to be a project for mapping and locating all of the 88 Uridian Vaults, which was guarded especially by a general named General Pollix. The only models who escaped were both Qorthys and a considerable brother named G04D-Y5, or 'Gordys', and the two were separated when trying to escape as they were both defects, and while Gordys would be taken by Queenpin Valshey, Qorthys would be found accidentally by Ocsha, and later reactivated not long after she lost her husband, and thus the two got along and Qorthys helps her with her troubled life of many kids. However, when the Vaultlock Project was seemingly destroyed by the Vault Seekers when it was nearly used for evil by Jaxtom, Pollix has tried to get Qorthys back as she is the only closest model left that has important codes for the Spatial Vault, a teleporting Uridian Vault, which holds a superweapon of unfathomable proportions, yet has never succeeded in doing so under the protection of the Vault Seekers and later their friends. She continues to not only aid Ocsha while also searching for Gordys. She is the AUU version of Borderlands Gortys, but she more resembles BB-8, having a spherical body with bodily parts connected via magnets, and the spherical body itself can energetically open up to show a magnetic core. The magnetically-attached body parts have holovision eyes, and hololenses that can digitally summon any body part for any purpose. Unfortunately, her purpose as a mapper of Vaults is useless since she cannot locate Vaults out of range.


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  • "Don't call me Qorty!"
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