Quack Ku Xun is a goose from the Kung Fu Panda DreamWorks China. He is an Imperial Magdition and Councilor in the Imperial Palace. However, nobody realizes that he has just as much a tragic history with magic as Pang Bing, as he was a vengeful sorcerer who was jealous of the power of Chi surpassing magic to the point where magic discrimination would exist. Even more so that he was once a king of an all magic city and Chi user Inquistors came and turned his people into jade stones in a tecnec no less different from how Kai did it. Thus, as punishment for the consequences involving magic being feared and hated to the point of prejudice, and for far more personal reasons, he placed a curse on all users of Chi, nullifying it completely, and disabling it to others of impurity and corruption. Though this resulted in the awakening of the demons of the underworld and allowing them to run free, including the likes of the fallen Dragon God, Ke-Pa. But once Oogway was able to restore Chi all over China though his founding of Kung Fu, and was able to put the demons to rest. As punishment for his insolence and jealousy, Oogway banished Quack from china..... However, Quack was smart enough to make himself immortal and to change his appearence to a different person to fool even the wisest of masters. A trick only reveiled by his own prized relic, "The Mirror of Truth". Knowing that conventional magic wasn't enough to truly eradicate Chi, he has then began to seek out Lightfly magic to improve his magic to be able to coherse any remaining magic users in. Unfortunately, the best he could ever find are incompident dark magic witches in the black markets and Bao Sa Mao, more or less the shorce of the demon uprising which inconvinently happened when his curse was made. Quack was discouraged, until he finally heard and found out about Pang Bing. He would be determined to quell Pang Bing of her own broken feelings to use magic to make it the dominant force and eradicate Chi instead of her mind control desires. Quack is cunning, clever, and known to cause harsh punishments over challnaged pride and bruze ego, or even because his perfectionest needs not being met, of which may be an after-effect of magic's unfortunate fate in Dreamworks China. However, Quack's infamous bad timing with un-nessersary and cruel punishment may work against him once again.


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He basicly looks like this but different.

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