Quartz Fume

Quartz Fume is an Equestrian dragon and one of the new and youngest students of the School of Friendship. Enrolled by Princess Ember after she felt sorry for her being an outcast as a result of being one of the rare individual dragons to be unaggressive and love ponies, and her molting, which was one of the most intense and mature versions, has caused her to be ousted and live on her own since her traditionalist parents didn't want to deal with her preaches of friendship, and since nobody wanted anything to do with her, she was taken in by Ember's Dragon Elite, most speficily Ballista, and signed up for Twilight's School, and fit in better than anyone expected. She's almost the same age as Spike The Dragon, and shows signs of having a crush on him. Although, she ends up being disfond of her wings in viewing them as a symbol of her strained relationship with her family, something of which could hinder her identity as a growing dragon who just went through puberty.
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