Queen Broken

Pinky, AKA Queen Broken

Queen Broken, formerly Pinky, is an animatronic female pink Chihuahua/Kangaroo hybrid that was created for a pizzeria in Futurasia called 'Genome Pizza' where Pinky was among the star attractions. She was built with special programs that never allowed any harm to come to a child, so when a psychotic madman attempted to harm a child with a laser sword, she sacrificed herself and got horrendously damaged in the process. Security captured the perpetrator, and Pinky was thrown out and replaced possibly due to being far too damaged. Pinky ends up in a space dump world on a nearby planet where she was repaired miraculously and revived by a rat-like alien creature with an un-foretold amount of intellect who only called himself 'Grand Builder', who taught her everything he knew to repair machines. This was done because he was soon to die of old age, and Pinky was chosen to continue his legacy. Once he died, Pinky buried him and dubbed herself 'Queen Broken' and continued her savior's legacy. She revived herself a newfound pet named 'Blendy', a sentient spider-legged blender, and two lost and broken battle droids from the Star Wars universe named Skim and Bulk, who were a bit idiotic. Broken would become the beloved queen of the kingdom of Scrappalot, and would be relatively obscured to the UUniverses. That is until eventually made to be known when she revives the original version of Phase, or rather, now dubbed "Phase Omegera".


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  • "I come in p-p-p-p-peace (glitchy voice) friiiend."
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