Queen Corono

Queen Corono

Queen Corono is an Equestrian pure hippogriff from Hippogrifia who left for Hippogriffinstone after becoming a senator until going back to Hippogrifia after it was rebuilt following it's destruction by The Storm King. She is an older sister to Queen Novo and didn't like her ways of ruling Seaquestria in isolation and cowardice as unlike her, she would've fought with the seaponies against Storm King instead of hiding for countless years. As Novo was more of less the passive kind of the family, Corono was the more aggressive member of the family, and thus does not have a very approving and not-so-easily impressed attitude and harsh relationship with Novo, as she has hated her sister for not only being an annoyance and naïve joke, but also because she was chosen to be leader of Hippogrifia over her, and has since been distant and disapproving of her sister, which is the secret reason why she was as she was in the movie onward, and treats Princess Skystar like a better mother as a good aunt, but Skystar wanted one thing just as much as she wanted to leave her underwater isolation: to see her mother and aunt finally agree to something as they have been like this for a long time, as she steps in and points out that the rebuilt Hippogrifia's leader Straton Skyranger was not a good choice and needed a more qualified ruler of royal blood, embarrassing her sister and making her feel stupid, all after being angered at her choices like in the MLP Movie where she refused the aid Celestia requested before being petrified and even not taking that into account when banishing them for trying to steal the Pearl of Transformation out of desperation, and thus proves that Novo or Straton are weak and that the Storm Clan can't be feared by slaying Storm King's mother, The Cyclone Queen, eating her corpse, using her bones to build her throne and stuck the long rotted away head on a pike in her private room, his is basicly a skull at this point. To this day, the two still have trouble with their relationship. She is known for her hot temper, her violent behavior and brutal assertion, and her difficulty of being reasoned with. Like Novo, Corono has an African-American accent, and has the same voice, but in a near similar tone to Steven Universe Bismuth, and her mane and tail-feather colors are reversed, as the peacock-like mane and tail are deep blue and the tendrils are violet. She has the magical ability to enhance her body via adrenaline and aggression, dramatically increasing strength, endurance, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and so on, and even block out pain.


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