Queen Helen Thyrsus, AKA Queen Hellenic, is an Equestrian satyr from the land of Pana. She is the queen of Pana and the wife of King Thyrsus who loves her husband, people, and kingdom with pride, marrying Thyrsus after seeing he shared the same dream as her: bring greatness back to Pana after the sociopathic regime of rogue Panan conquerors called The Storm Clan, who saw the world was weak enough to conquer and that magic was worth nothing but power, and all see friendship as a liability, only sticking for each other. Not too long after their marriage, the Storm Clan leader, The Hurricane King, killed her mother as she was the second biggest iconic figure in the Panan movement against the Storm Clan behind her daughter. This death, along with the fact that the Storm Clan were constantly demeaning their own race and home kingdom no matter what they did, and the fact that Thyrsus was growing utterly pessimistic and depressed beyond the point of reasoning by anyone, she grew a more hostile personality, being abrasive, rough, cranky, and downright diabolical, and had sworn to personally take revenge against the Hurricane King, planning and preparing to do so with her sympathizing children, but eventually targets his two sons and daughter, The Thunder King, The Valkyrie Queen, and the worst of them all and heir to clan leadership, The Storm King, whom she seeks the most, after the Hurricane King dies of a broken heart and old age handing his staff to the resurrected Storm King as the Storm Clan became more inept as conquerors since the Storm King's original death, and after his wife The Cyclone Queen was assassinated barbarically by Queen Corono, a hippogriff that she fears the most because of her almost killing her multiple times before killing Cyclone Queen. Thus she swore that she will stop at nothing to destroy the Storm Clan and redeem her kingdom, even if it would turn her into the very monster she berates the Storm Clanners of herself, only held back by Thyrus because he acknowledges that it does no good to only be exactly like them, especially when she's planning to make a weapon called the Sceptre of Consecration, which could easily destroy the Storm Clan, mainly with help from Scorpan, whom had an unintentional hand in helping forge the Staff of Sacanas.


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