Queen Oceanious Typhoonica

Queen Oceanious Typhoonica

Queen Oceanious Typhoonica is an Artificial Alicorn merpony who is the ruler of Equantica, the wife of King Barrier Reef, and the mother of Princess Marenia Typhoonica, Prince Aquatos Typhoonica, and Princess Aquatatic Typhoonica. She is descended from the Alicorn Goddess of the Sea, Princess Maricolous, though despite also being descended from mortal ponies, is still immortal herself as she has existed and contained so much godly powers, she has grown into Alicorn God status. She got married to Barrier Reef, and together they built Equantica on an expansive coral reef where their merpony subjects would bond with sea life, and would later bare three children. She later became a grieving widow who lost Barrier Reef thanks to the Keyblade-wielding pirate Captain Taiklar Blackheart, as well as the Trident of Benevolence, the only artifact and weapon powerful enough to keep the city alive during harsh times, like when Discord cast Equantica to the seas of Destiny Islands, leaving her alone to raise her children, keep her subjects as trustworthy in land creatures as possible as the Trident's absence kept their trust on them high, and especially her younger daughter, Marenia, who was punished by corrupt Equantican councilor Dead Sea into being a Unicorn Merpony for disobeying his orders and falling in love with a non-Equestrian horse prince. While Marenia would be left to be as untrustworthy of land creatures as the rest, Oceanious continued to struggle in her efforts to maintain order and trust in her country, and found herself less-competent and tormented by the Council of Equantica, more definitely by Dead Sea. Later on, it would take the kindness of Fluttershy to rescue the city, and all threats and problems to their home defeated and solved. Now while Marenia is living in Destiny Islands as a wife and mother, Oceanious raises the youthfully-regressed Dead Sea to be better than he turned out with his abusive parents. She still welcomes Fluttershy into her kingdom when there are times when she wishes to go exploring in the sea again, and has even helped her friends improve on the spells that allow them to gain merpony forms when they require underwater travel.


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