Queen Pacifica

Queen Pacifica Taya Kelpfoot

Queen Pacifica T. Kelpfoot is a Wade from SpongeBob's world and is referred to as a 'sea squirrel' but is actually evolved from prehistoric dryolestids from the Cretaceous Period that went in the water to avoid the dinosaurs. Being the current leader of the hidden Wadelands, she was only a baby when her mother died along with the beautiful concrete landscape overgrown with kelp as the result of their natural predators, giant sea snakes, which drove them to near-extinction in the past, found them and drove them to near-poverty. Raised by the royal family, she became the newly-crowned leader with the sole purpose of restoring the Wadelands to it's former glory. She is one of the few wades that are not afraid of the sea snakes that surround their outside territory and will fight herself, but she also has to protect from all the greedy individuals in the world that are the many reasons behind their disappearance as, starting in the 4th century, the humans' curiosity in their original homeland rendered them endangered and had to migrate and fight for a new home in Watership Down fashion in a changing ecosystem to avoid extinction, having to hide in their new home of Wadelands until it's safe to come back, until they found one hidden in their original homeland of South America in the Coast of Chile, bringing the last of their species there with only a few unknown colonies staying behind. Since then, Pacifica has spent her next few years hiding the Wadelands from those who would exploit them. She has a voice on par with Vanessa Williams, and sings in a similar tone.


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