Queen Para

Queen Perry Gwen Saureen

Perry G. Saureen is an attractive Parasaurolophus walkeri singer and political activist for dino-old mammal equality, along with that of "Surfies", or the modern animals that roam the surface above her home of Dinosica, and have dancers consisting of Thylacosmilus. She is essentially Dino-Gazelle and like her moved onto rights activity after a mistake she committed in her youthful naïveté, which resulted in her feeling bad and effectively wiped off her bad feelings by being a singer, having the voice of Queen Latifah. Her reasoning behind wanting to encourage better relations between dinos and surfies because the dinos, being what remains of Zootopia's lost dinosaur era, are clearly abit bitter about the Surfies taking over the planet, and worries that some would aim bring trouble to Surfies, thus, believing in being kinder to others, she also aims to introduse Surfie Respect and discourage surfie hate. Though it does little to discourage goverment offictals aiming to cut off the Dino underground from "The Surface World", some afraid of being celeberised for being relics of their time or even sought after for fiancel gain. But soon enough, her aim to bring trust to Surfies will get QUITE a powerful boost yet.
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