Ever since the defeat of the Pony of Shadows, Starswirl the Bearded has become worried after the attacks of the Storm Clan, and with the Storm King possabily planning revenge even when he has been gone for awhile now, he and his newfound legend friends have one mission to take care of before they check on their homelands: Starswirl has a lot of immortalized protégés since his disappearance besides the ones the heroes already encountered whom he must check up on them, as they guard among his most powerful creations, and while also discovering what his other works have been used for, make sure they and the relics they're guarding are safe from any new threats, while at the same time, prepare for a mission to discover new legends of Equestria. They start when one threat comes in the form of an evil goblin named Beezen, a master warlock sorcerer whom Starswirl and later Clover the Clever defeated eons ago, albeit with the use of the Elements of Harmony, who took over Starswirl's castle and all his students by using a paint that could bound all power to him and thus allow him complete control out of whatever it touches, and alter it to his using, and has returned from his prison in Tartarus to complete his plan by tracking down all of Starswirl's power, with the help of bumbling goblin witches and his original creation of the Smooze, which was far different than the one Discord was friends with as Smooze didn't want to talk about his family. However, when Beezen ends up overwealming even himself with his own creation, his Smooze began to gain a persona of it's own and betrayed and finished off Beezen, forcing our heroes to escape in the van! And worse off, the Tree of Harmony is now dying, even WITH the Elements still in place, because of something more serious then it's power being depleted. Because the Smooze has turned from something of Beezen's creation into being processed and refastioned by an angered spirit of a fallen Alicorn God named Prince Orbis, The Alicorn God that helped shaped the entire world of Equestia. Starswirl offered a quick solution: Find the one who created the harmony seed: The Element Designer. A mysterious Unknown Force that created the concept of the elements to begin with. So the group go onto the quest to find the Island of Harmony and get the Element Designer to help them. Thing is, they are surprised to discover that the element designer is actselly a tattoo covered siren, originally named Pizazz Corals, who isn't exactly humble about her creation of the seed and by extention, being respondsable with the tree of harmony. After insisting that she has no relation NOR any prior assusiation with three certain bad sirens and said that they were nothing but a bunch of "Random Bitches who like getting into trouble" and that not all Equestian Sirens are out to get ponies, as she bragged that in her case, she HELPED them! Alchourse, they didn't exactly hit it off as the Designer tried to swipe the S.S. Blue Yonder Maui sytile and was only stopped thanks to the Old Heroes being onto her. The Designer was forced to admit that her jewel, the one that helped her be able to create the seed and in turn, be able to recharge the tree, was lost to her after it was stolen from her by Squirk, which now makes the heroes and the begrudgent Designer go out into see into his lair with help from Novo and Skystar, wanting to personally deal with Sqiurk personally after he just RECENTLY stolen the pearl! However, apawn reaching Squirk's lair, they discovered that there was a reason behind Squirk's mad independence: He was already serving someone else. A Giant Skeleital Seafoam Breathing Giant Seahorse-Eqsed Kelpie named Abysmalwish, who was reveiled to have had Squirk and originally Mantrek working for her, but with him now gone, thanks to the Storm King who is now periemntly cursed to be a seaweed-eqsed creature simular to Ursula's victims (basicly meaning that the Storm King trouble was long done), Abizmalwish now aims to refree Mantrek so she can resume for what she wanted to happen and become the new Queen of the Seas, via allowing the processed and in-pain world shaper to reduse the world into ooze that will turn into water by her permaqua spell, implying to have a hand in why Beezen was so quickly befallened by the processed Smooze. However, Novo was shocked to reckindise her as a dark verson of Queen Abysswish, even when she was so-called dead. It turns out, the Storm King unknowingly created something worse then him. The Seafoam didn't exactly killed her as thought, it just popped her up into green bubbles that cowinidently ended up where Squirk was, as he and Mantrek used what remained of Geogra's magic to revive her as the newly malevolent Abizmakwish, who the duo now served as the future dark queen of the seas. To make things worse, Abizmalwish tested her powers out by freeing the original sirens back and restoring their true siren forms and teamed up with them to make the seas their domain! Now our heroes need to defeat Abizmalwish and saved who she once was, WHILE trying to do this quickly enough to get the Designer's jewel back and fixed all these problems at once!




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