Quse Cirius Hirsch

Quse C. Hirsch is a human gamer from the world of Gamerene and is known throughout that world to hold the current title as the greatest gamer ever, winning several gaming events, getting gold metals in every subject including vehicular combat events, personal combat events, obstacle courses, game board events, and various others. Raised by a single mother and told little yet a lot about his gaming legend father, he grew with his father's spirit, vigor, courage, and determination, and as such, when he's not competing, he is known in his metropolitan home of Crom City, he is often seen doing helpful things when swinging and sliding across the cityscape such as helping others in need and stopping crimes. His skills earned him the affections of his childhood friend Aellyce, who agreed to marry him someday. When he eventually earned the title of best gamer during the annual gaming events, he finally got married to her and had up to 4 kids who were just as skilled as their parents, becoming a great gaming team. Though the previous holder of his title, Vyctor Ware, got jealous that he lost his title, and tried to surpass Quse in over 5 other gaming events, with no success. While not a true idiot, he's pretty much a personally hybrid of dude versons of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, in which he acts like a hyperactive fanboy to all Gamerene celeberties, even Vyctor. Even still after the fact Vyctor reveiled his true colors as an envious jerk, which Quse mistaken as "Taking on a bad boy image" and "Humors him" by being the "Heroic Dude". With even his family mistaking the same thing, they'll all in due need of a reality check and that Quse needs to realise he unknowingly disrespected Vyctor and that he really is being his enemy and that issue needs to be resolve before it ends with possability even both of their lives being ruined. When they eventually do make up, they'll merge their teams and be friends as co-owners of their own Team Quseware Gaming HQ. He has a voice on par with Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) and despite having the same tone, is only comically silly and crazy with his skills.


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Quse, being a Gamerenean, is naturally gifted with acrobatics. His skills include grinding across ledges, bouncing across surfaces, gymnastic flips and movements, and accuracy with weapons. He learns these just by watching others do it. He is also a skilled video game champion who received a lot of achievements in shooter games, open world games, and many others.

He commonly carries a personal self-defense firearm of any kind, his most common being two dual shark-painted blaster pistols called the Fuse Sharks which can rapidly fire a barrage of energy for long periods of time. He also uses these weapons for fighting crime, as well as for gaming events. He is also a skilled racer that has his own vehicle called the Blazeroad, which comes with weapon chassis for storing weapon cannons for vehicular combat, and is customizable and modifiable for any race.


  • "As a kid with little hopes, I used to think this world was boring!"
  • "Can I? CAN I?!? Of course I can! It's like a f*****g video game here!"
  • "Zombies? HAH! I've played in so many Nerf Wars, I can kill a million of them faster than you guys can say 'Get your game on!'"
  • "I beat everyone at EVERYTHING! Duel Monsters, Solitaire, Poker, Chess, hell, I can beat my favorite video games . Hell, when you said the AUU introduced Wars and Weapons AND Virtual Wars? I already tried them. Addictive as all hell, and yet still child's play. I'm on top of the world here. Yes, there's so many others who can surpass and beat me, but that's what we do on Gamerene. We THRIVE in competition, and use the trophies we win as cups for drinking Fizzion Blast in victory!"
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