An R-Monitor

R-Monitors are the Resurrectorates' answer to Xoldiers. Though roughly the size of Titanoboas, R-Monitors are quick and agile fighters. Though while R-Monitors lack a Xoldier's desperate need for pain, R-Monitors still have quite a fighting spirit, but in a more modest sense. Even when not in a time of fighting Xzars, R-Monitors often have fight matches with eachother so not to be bored on off-time. R-Monitors are more reserved for cases that they are really needed, like raids on a Xzar Cult, halting a Xzar Judgement day scenario or a would-be invadtion onto Ressor terratory, or for when a would-be too powerful being proves too difficult for Ravens, cause otherwise, R-Monitors do have a habit of getting too into the thrill of action and can be netouriously haphazordious and clumsy to areas not complumentory to their size, strength, and presence. They also have the subtily of a wrecking ball attacthed to a flying battleship driven by hyper-raging bulls commanded by a lose-cannon 80s era Action Hero, so not very good with stealth missions or ones of diplomacy, thus often R-Fates have to ensure they're kept as away from inrealmers as much as possable cause of these hapless risks. But what R-Monitors lack in subtily and equite, they do pocess heart and a lust for life. As counters to Xoldiers, they're espeically at being such, where their claws can snip open a Xoldier's body that disapates the energy that depending on the origin can either free the being that was consumed in Xzar energy or prevent a Born-Outer God Xoldier from re-stablising quick enough, of which the R-Monitors can also eat the Xzar Energy and convert it into their own power, as such, they are able to do this to X-Fates as well, provided if they started out as mortals from Xzar cults or the like of unlucky victims of happenstance. They are even said to being able to do severe damage to Xexaxez themselves, their golden claws having been said to being capable to clip their massive wings that disable flight, actselly being able to wound them and cut through their universey-body, even poking them into the giant red eyes, which blinds them, in which runs the risk of disabling their devouring abilities but good, and if this isn't reversed quickly enough, a Xzar would be canceled of it's existence and be hybernation realmed, or at the least reverse damage apawn a universe that was being judged by the Xzars. Xirds wouldn't even stand a change to the point that the Ressors deemed it more sporting to not even have R-Monitors fight Xirds, to where R-Monitors deemed Xirds "Rookie Hour" and often let Ravens worry about them while they have bigger Xzars to fry.
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