The Racegivers are an untold group of Alternate UUniversal Teadr 0 races said in fables to have given birth to all sentient races of different types, and shared a grand alliance with the Gods of the Alternate UUniverses. They are the low-ranking members of the Evolution Masters that have perfected one gift: evolution, and they are usually colossal beings that use reality-bending quantum technology to craft virtually any alien being they wanted, and they are most noted for having biological features common to all forms of the life they represent, one kind being more apparent. They launch organic life-giving material via artificial asteroids or meteors, and first created many Teadr 1 beings and due to their hardships and extinctions or disappearances, they each went to different singular universes and created the other races from there like the AUU Gods in The Immortum Realm.


  • Invertegrates- The leading race and the precursors to all invertebrate beings native to Planet Invertebrosis (???, ???, ???). They extend up to 100ft or more as they reproduce like tapeworms, yet they resemble the giant earthworms of Australia and have details of all other invertebrates, leading due to being the first Racegivers that technically gave birth to the rest, starting with the Galaxyfish, which are galaxy-shaped sentient pelagic sunfish-like starfish that act like their air, water, and space vehicles and their biotic machines. They currently reside in Dimension Invertegrate.
  • Galacadon- A Teadr 0 race of giant mammoth/elephant-like ape beings native to Planet Theropa (???, ???, ???). They stand 40ft tall, have a human/Austalopithecus-like figure, long lemur/squirrel-like tails, bulky mammoth bodies, grand giant tusks and antlers, omnivorous teeth, muscular bear arms and legs, buffalo-like necks, a distinct roar, have 4 lungs and 4 six-chambered hearts, 41-lobed brains, powerful glandular systems, an adaptive instinct, a strong musculoskeletal system, are famously wise, and their behavior is on par with any mammal. They are known in legend to be the precursor race of all mammalian races, great and not so great. They were massive envisioners of their selected few, the Ehswans, Uridians, and even the Ceallans to become the predominant figures of the AUU. However, when they learned that races that weren't meant to have a grander importance like the Humans and Yatorans would end up being the predominant figures as told by their equally-surprised seer, this left the Galacadons confused and enraged the Galacadon creators of the intended important races, Dr. Uri Dian, Professor Eh Swan, and Master Cea L. Lan, to go rogue for their hard work being for nothing, and banished themselves and inadvertently their entire race and planet from the AUU with a trans-portal device. The Galactadons were thus deemed a legend ever since amongst mammalian races. Though the three were prosecuted for their actions, it was settled that it was for the best that they left. They currently reside in Dimension Galacadon. (TBC...)
  • Amphiblian- The precursors to all amphibian beings native to Planet Amphibiosis (???, ???, ???). They are kaiju-sized axolotl-crested salamander-tailed frogs that lay free-floating amphibious eggs, and they can manipulate the genetic code of their eggs inside their wombs when they are in their mouths like the extinct gastric brooding frog, and they can have toxic abilities as well. They currently reside in Dimension Amphiblian.
  • Brachioian- The precursors to all reptilian beings native to Planet Sauropsis (???, ???, ???). They have the size, necks, and heads of a Brachiosaurus with the neck blended with that of snakes, long lizard-like striped semi-prehensile tails, crocodilian hides, a turtle-like carapace, and lizard/sauropod-like legs. They are capable of regeneration though only within a year, they have prehensile forked tongues, are omnivorous and have poisonous teeth, and they can have different colorations. They currently reside in Dimension Brachioian.
  • Precurserfly- The precursors to all arthropod beings native to Planet Arthraxis (???, ???, ???). They are giant butterfly-like creatures similar to Star Wars Killiks, except having chrome wasp-abdomens held by their back tails like a scorpion tail with jewel beetle-like fluorescent color-changing spots, two long Killik-like legs that arch backward and forward bottoms, 4 normal arms and two others on their middles, large rapid-beating butterfly wings, mantis-like heads with 8 eyes, 4 normal and 4 compound, long Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Mantis-like antenna capable of analyzing whatever they smell on a much broader level, long necks, jewel beetle-like fluorescent wing cases, transparent brain cases, chelicerae-like jaws and teeth inside human-like mouths, and self-aware eggs. They currently reside in Dimension Precurserfly.
  • Havenwing- The precursors to all avian beings native to Planet Ornitharia (???, ???, ???). They are similar to the Mythical Birds of Paradise that have peacock-like tail feathers on their tails and heads and longer tail tendril feathers, large back wings, talon-like arms and legs covered in feathers, random colors, and parrot-like features. They currently reside in Dimension Havenwing.
  • Tridon- The precursors to all fish beings native to Planet Devonifer (???, ???, ???). They have seahorse-like heads, mermaid bodies with multiple fins and come in countless breeds and colors, human/fish-like eyes, have a curious and shy nature like any other fish, arms with fins and webbed hands, speak in gurgles, and can mimic anything. They currently reside in Dimension Tridon.
  • Octogon- The precursors to all mollusk beings native to Planet Octosis (???, ???, ???). They are sentient cephalopod octopuses with elaborate brain cases that contain their 50-lobed brains, two longer giant squid-like tentacles with fingers, snail-like radulas, two octopus-like eyes, tentacles with suckers and sea slug stingers, and the power of telepathy. They currently reside in Dimension Octogon.
  • Chidari- The precursors to all cnidarian beings native to Planet Chide Anthozos (???, ???, ???). They are similar to this, but they are primarly genderless, though have feminine characteristics, complex brain cases, limb-shaped tentacles that funtion the same way, stinging fingers and back stingers, transparent bodies, goes through countless metamorphic formations such as polyps and coral of many forms and colors based on heredity, alien eyes, inflatable head sacs that make good swim bladders and balloons for levitation, are telepathic, bioluminescence, reproduce asexually, and malleable bodies. They currently reside in Dimension Chidari.
  • Galaxyfish- The precursors to all echinoderm beings native to Planet Ophiureo Astris (???, ???, ???). They are galaxy-shaped sunfish-like starfish that are capable of breathing in space by having their own greenhouse lungs, they have large hydrogen-filled sacs and navigate in water with them like a swim bladder, can float in the air like a balloon, and they can live in a vacuum by having their own gravitational field inside their 40-lobed brains, and they can regenerate. But the dismembered body parts become egg sacs that give birth to over 850 babies that have an aging span of 80 years allowing them to live at a normal scale until adulthood when they become as big as a starship. They currently reside in Dimension Galaxyfish.
  • Zoaks- The precursors to all plant beings native to Planet Zokontae (???, ???, ???). They are great sagely trees that can live for millions of years, have noticeable details of other plants, and said to be the first non-animal Teadr 0 race. They currently reside in Dimension Zoak.
  • Moldgars- The precursors to all fungal beings native to Planet Sphongo Moldoa (???, ???, ???). They are a host of collective fungus of different kinds that from a simulated eukaryotic body and have a flat top underneath large elaborate heads, can change shape spontaneously, and can easily mimic and are very curious. They currently reside in Dimension Moldgar.

Protégé Races

To ensure that their legacy and secrets are hidden and protected, each of the Racegiver Races left their DNA to give birth to 12 new races that would be guided by an AI of each race named after the last ruler of each race before their relocations. Each of these AI serve each race to watch over them for their masters

  • Protodytes- The successors of the Invertegrates. They are Teadr 0.5 alien worm beings native to Planet Protodoscha.
  • Aptens- A race of Teadr 0.5 human-monkey beings native to Planet Aptenis Prime (???, ???, ???). They are 10.1ft beings with human-like faces and hands, semi-prehensile feet, a long prehensile lemur-like tail, mandrill-like face details, more fur and hair, regenerative keratin teeth, dog-like noses, 20-lobed brains, enlarged lungs and two eight-chambered hearts, a diaphragm and liver extending across the chest, a sac-like ribcage and cranial membranes, developed senses, incredible agility, speed, stamina, reflexes, and adaptability, advanced learning skills, and can live for over a thousand years. They are the Galacadons' successors created and rebuilt by them following their disappearance to evolve and worship them as gods in order to protect their power and legacy. (TBC...)
  • Newons- The successors of the Amphiblians. They are Teadr 0.5 newt beings native to Planet Newo Minor.
  • Igamidons- The successors of the Brachioians. They are Teadr 0.5 lizard beings native to Planet Igamicus.
  • Entomeons- The successors of the Precurserflies. They are Teadr 0.5 jewel beetle Equestrian Pure Changeling-like anthropomorphic insectoid beings native to Planet Entomogon.
  • Tropicoids- The successors of the Havenwings. They are Teadr 0.5 anthropomorphic Equestrian Pure Hippogriff-like beings native to Planet Tropichirax.
  • Ponts- The successors of the Tridons. They are Teadr 0.5 anthropomorphic Equestrian Seapony-like fish beings native to Planet Pontamia.
  • Apolyons- The successors of the Octogons. They are Teadr 0.5 complex brain-cased octopus beings native to Planet Apolybene Greater.
  • Jelliums- The successors of the Chidari. They are Teadr 0.5 sentient coral-headed jellyfish beings native to Planet Jellos Tox.
  • Stomes- The successors of the Galaxyfish. They are Teadr 0.5 sentient sea-pig-like beings native to Planet Stomodia Lesser.
  • Everrenians- The successors of the Zoaks. They are Teadr 0.5 tree beings native to Planet Everrenicon.
  • Spoilons- The successors of the Moldgars. They are Teadr 0.5 shapeshifting multi-formed slime mold native to Planet Spoilos Major.
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