Radcliff Hawkens

Radcliff Wingate Hawkens

Radcliff W. Hawkens is an Alternate UUniversal Hummero from Planet Keuca. He is the leader of the republican Keubrican Air Force, and the son of it's president, President Hawkens. He comes from a long line of Keubrican military fighters who have protected their home planet from the forces of evil, espically terrorist groups. Radcliff is a bird of prey who is an agile and very combative flier who can fight very well and deliver serious blows in his fights. However, what earned him skepticism is that he was in love with Stephanie Nicemile, the daughter of the President on the democratic Keuca territories of the planet, and the two have had it sour on their relationship because of bully issues. Despite this, Radcliff still loves Stephanie and will do anything to show that he will always look out for her, even if his methods are a little askew and makes him look like a jerk. Eventually, after having a wing in stopping A Spliter Cell's risky conspiracty alongside A fallen warhero, Radcliff not only became humbler (to an extent) and reconnected with Stephenie, but he also became one of the members of The Heroes Act. Though somewhat of a far-cry of the jerk he was first seen as, he still has his snarky and overcompident personality and bad hapit to make rash decidions and has to be balence out by the level-headed Stephenie, as his skills and unafraidness to fight head-on compliment her tendingcies to not always fight unless forced or provoke, then her calulated skills compliment his making-it-up-as-he-goes-alike fighting sytile. He is not always some narrow-minded, as he can come up with some good ideas, it's just that he needs the aide of Stephenie being his "Second Brain" to add more tact and grace in his plans, Hawkens being more of the "Big Picture" guy then someone who cares about the details. But the one detail he considers is Stephenie's well being and safety, even when she can handle herself well enough and would defend her quickly from even a problem that only looks as if she can't handle.


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As a Hummero, Radcliff is a quick-flying opponent and can rapidly dodge across the battlefield with ease, added by his rigorous training and strategic mind. He can fly at high velocity, and surprise opponents with quick strikes, dives, and cunning flight maneuvers, flying almost like a fighter jet.

His UIS identity, Raddy HarDyne, is a creature called a Mellurd, which is capable of using armosis (an AUU term meaning a mouth-launched projectile like vomit or energy), can fly just as fast as Radcliff, is just as smart, but he also has near-perfect skill, as he can shame his opponents with a quick maneuver. He is also a great big showoff that will often endanger himself doing so.


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