Hewston Ingombert Rainex
Vital statistics
Title Rainmaker, Storm Pirate,
Gender Male
Race/Species Clubcrest Spintasaur (Spintasaurus dolabertops)
Faction Independent Sky Pirate
Description Intimidating, Sadistic, Cunning, Versatile, Rough
Skills and Abilities Acrobatic, ISD Contains 2 Dual Duplicates of 16 Armatage/Huncus Weapons, Durable Armor, GravWing-10 Hoverpack, AI Pirate Airship, Reptile Pirate Crew, Fear-Mongering Tactics, Resourceful, Intelligent
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Nygia (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Waifu System) (Homeworld/Current Residence)
Alignment Evil Sky Pirate

Hewston Ingombert Rainex, AKA Rainmaker, is an Alternate UUniversal Spintasaur from Planet Nygia. He is an infamously dangerous sky pirate who has plundered entire lands for wealth and technology and doing anything he wishes with them on his hideaway on a flying island. He always seems to attack on the territories of Nygia where thunderstorms are very active, easily earning him his nickname as he attacks when people least expect it and his attacks in feared weather conditions make him a boogeyman to many children who are scared of thunder. In fact, his hideaway is in a monsoon-active area with floods and strong tides. He is still at large and even heroes such as the Para Knights have trouble defeating him, especially since he is the biological father of their antihero ally Captain Rainex. He is 10x skilled in combat than his son and has similar but stronger paraphernalia to him.


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