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Depiction of Randolph Carter

Randolph Carter, AKA Howard Phillips Lovecraft, is a human warrior who currently resides in the Demon Realm. Based on the Lovecraftian character, Randolph is actually the avatar of H.P. Lovecraft himself. In the real world, Lovecraft was the paranoid racist human author he was in real life. But whenever he went to sleep, he entered the Demon Realm and lived in the Dreamlands, taking the name of Randolph Carter. He met many friends in real and fantasy life, and when he became 46, Lovecraft decided to kill himself so that he can be reincarnated as a permanent resident in the Dreamlands, by turning his own intestines into a monster, faking intestinal cancer. With that, he was now Randolph Carter permanently. After that, and after the stories he had in real life were expanded upon by others including friends and other authors, they became part of his crew of Outer God hunters. His primary threats were Mischievers, Outer Gods of Chaos that he had always encountered in his dreams when he was still alive, and his true first fight against them was in the events of his story 'The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath', where he explored a portion of the Dreamlands and narrowly escaped the clutches of Nyarlathotep and Azathoth. He also brought his wife Sonia Greene with him and even eventually gained a descendant named Rothrock. He had helped in quelling Azathoth's most recent attack on the Demon Realm with help from the Dreamworlds' planet's native race, the Mi-Go, who had used Iagh-metal, redubbed 'Lovecraftium', to drive off the Mischievers. He even became a UUniversal Crusader and the first and only one to explore outside the ends of universes, in the domain of Outer Gods, and the first modern 0-Brave before Star Butterfly and Luz Noceda. As Randolph, Lovecraft is no longer racist or paranoid, but very wise, noble, proud, and clever, especially since he wears Lovecraftium armor and wields an enchanted Locecraftium sword. He even owns a Schrödinger named Saturn who used to be his real life cat whose name was racially insensitive, but reincarnated into a Cat from Saturn after it's 1904 death (No anti-catism violation intended.)


He was born as Howard Phillips Lovecraft in 1890 in Providence, Rhode Island as the only child of business venturer Winfield Scott Lovecraft and Sarah Susan Phillips. The family was known for being New-English and thought of themselves as proper English semi-nobility, but unfortunately, because of improper finances, they could not maintain this image. Lovecraft was intermittently schooled but was unable to complete his education because of this. As a child, he was antisocial because of frequently getting nightmares. Though he had access to a library with a decent level of information. However his incomplete grasp in the concept of math caused him to be poorly educated in certain scientific fields. He was also inspired to be a weird fiction writer because of his grandfather Whipple Van Buren Phillips, who was a great visionary and successful businessman. His father died in 1898 after being condemned to Butler Hospital 5 years earlier for a psychotic episode, and afterwards Lovecraft and his mother lived in her family house, where Lovecraft built up his inspirations. Randolph at this time only existed as a nameless avatar for Lovecraft whenever he fell asleep and had to put up with all these nightmares which made him socially inept. But these later served as the inspiration for his stories. His classy upbringing, added with his maternal family's long history of neurological disorders, even made him racially scared of anything outside his hometown.

He even had moments of chronic depression as he felt like killing himself due to his gloomy life. Regardless, he kept living and enjoyed a high school life as he wrote some of his earliest stories "The Beast in the Cave" and "The Alchemist" after he met people like Charles le Sorcier in his dreams at age 14, even if he was not lucid dreaming yet. Later that same age, he found himself having a bizarre dream where he was in a wasteland with pools of cosmicium, or liquid spacetime. After drinking some of it, he saw everything in existence and beyond, but because this was not a lucid dream and he was unaware, all this did was question his place and what could be out there. He continued writing his classic stories with dream after dream, but couldn't lucid dream in any of them. Then when his mother died in 1921 from an unknown diagnosis only given as hysteria, he once again get depressed and soon found himself getting a new kind of dream. Prior to that, he was training to try and become aware of his dreams and if he was dreaming. He was in a bottomless ocean and he discovered that nothing was pulling him down into the depths as he sank, serving as a reality check so he would finally become aware. With that he was able to breath and swam down the bottomless abyss until he found a bizarre city and a cephalopod monster inside that ate him after saying he killed his mother. He woke up not just developing a fear of oceans, but he was inspired to write "The Call of Cthulhu". He trained himself further and soon, Randolph Carter finally earned his identity when Lovecraft could always lucid dream.

As Randolph Carter, Lovecraft was able to define his life identically to his own. He found his ancestral home of Providence was occupying the Lovecraft County of the Demon Realm and he spent much of his early days there. He even managed to peep on classes of Miskatonic University and learn a plethora of spells, becoming stronger in his adventures because of it. But when he was caught, he in turn enrolled by proving his worth. From there, Randolph managed to become a covenless warlock that had to deal with his fair share of Conformity trouble, and his reputation and power even scared them into never messing with him, especially since he managed to rescue many Conformity members from Mischievers. He traveled the Demon Realm and went through many adventures, and despite these spells not working in the real world, he was fine with that as he would not want magic in his home realm.

Later in his life he got married to a breadwinner businesswoman Sonia Greene in 1924 and his poor marketable skills were thus no longer a concern. He moved to her apartment in Brooklyn of NYC and hoped that being in a city of immigrants would curb his paranoia, something that his inner Randolph admonished him for in agreeing with Sonia's decision to open his eyes outside of Providence when Randolph was beginning to travel outside of dimensions to see what was out there, doing this even during The United Universal Crusades decades later. However, he failed to because of a series of gravely unsettling moments in NYC. Though the city served as a hotspot for many of his dreaming experiences and inspirations for his stories, in 1926, he decided it was best to return home to Providence, claiming he at least tried. Back home, he brought Randolph into his stories starting with "The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath". Back at his comfort zone, Lovecraft and Randolph both got better at their jobs as weird fiction writer and hero adventurer and battlemage. After all his years of battling Mischievers, he decided to ask himself what they really were after he hid a roadblock on trying to understand what was the right way to defeat ANY Mischiever. In 1932, five years before his death, Lovecraft decided that it was time to get those answers as Randolph. So that night in his sleep, he visited a Museum of Thaumaturgical History where he was able to taste cosmicium for the first time since his childhood. Now that he was a lucid dreamer, he was able to perceive the effects and gained enough knowledge to know and understand any and all Mischievers and grow as a stronger magician and fighter because of it. After helping with the exhibits of the Museum in return for this service, he woke up and wrote "Horror At The Museum" explaining the Museum's prior history as a haunted wax museum. He continued on for five years, but the knowledge he gained from that moment changed his outlook as Lovecraft. Finally, in 1937, he decided that he could no longer remain as HP Lovecraft when he began to show medical problems. So with his last sleep, he learned a spell that could permanently turn him into Randolph Carter. This was a hidden glyph that he placed on his abdomen that turned his intestines into a monster. Because of humanity's lack of suspension of disbelief, they diagnosed this cause of his death as intestinal cancer, and unfortunately leaving his story "Azathoth" unfinished.

After Lovecraft's death, he was now permanently Randolph Carter who could finally reform his ways after no longer being bound by mortal human flaws. Thus he was free to be himself. He has been living his life here since and he has continued to defeat Mischievers, but could not publish them in the human world. Instead, he visited the dreams of modern still-living weird fiction writers who were specializing in Lovecraftian lore, and they would in turn aid him in his adventures and make stories in the human world for him. He would continue to learn spells and become stronger, not admitting loyalty to any one side since loyalty would hold him back. Yet he faced many hardships as many of his friends who died later with him would find themselves in hard situations which would take him years to get them out of. He grew in his arsenal, and soon came to the realization upon learning how Mischievers could come back in later generations and sought to disrupt the powerlink of Azathoth that made that possible, to no avail since the Mischievers guarded that ability with their lives. He would often find himself fighting these Mischievers more than once. Though after a long time and by the 21st century, he would find himself feeling like a has-been when he learns virtually all there is to know in magic, and he could possibly use an apprentice, but he found the people in the Demon Realm as so hateful for Outer Gods, they would rather not get involved in fighting them and risk having their loved ones hurt. Thus Randolph believed that he'd have to do this alone until his second death, until one day he heard stories about a new human arrival who defeated 10 Mischievers, even when she was 14 years old. After some time searching, he found her in the Boiling Isles, and planned to one day introduce himself so he can teach her how to be a proper 0-Brave successor.


Lovecraft's fellow writers from the real world are all part of his crew of Outer God Hunters. They each visited the Dreamlands of Yuggoth, the home planet of the Boiling Isles, whenever they sleep, and when they die in a relatively-subtle-and-gruesome way, they become a permanent resident of that world. Each member died periodically of their IRL causes but in the lore of the Owl House, their deaths were actually subtly caused by magic.

  • Sonia Greene- (1883-1972) Lovecraft's wife IRL and the co-captain of Lovecraft's crew and his wife since he never got to legally divorce her in real life. She died of syphilis from her father, and thus this made her a spotted bumpy female demon that is still nonetheless beautiful.
  • Saturn- A Schrodinger cat and the titular Cat from Saturn whose entire race lives in the city of Ulthar, and is a reincarnation of Lovecraft's real-life cat, whose real life name had to be changed because of being racially insensitive.
  • Florence Carol Greene- (1903-1979) AKA Carol Weld, she was a journalist and the stepdaughter of Lovecraft who is now a warrior for his crew. When she died in Miami, she was reincarnated as the same kind of demon as her mother, but share similarities to Lovecraft.
  • Greene Lovecraft- The child of Sonia and her first husband Samuel Greene before Lovecraft who died at the age of three months, and has been reincarnated as a powerful demon who grew up as a grand addition to Lovecraft's crew. He is a soft-skinned fetus-like demon with black eyes, and is still able to look like a grown adult.
  • Providence Lovecraft- (Deceased) The unknown illegitimate son of Howard and Sonia who became another legend of his own right in the Demon Realm before joining his father's crew, and then being killed by Nyarlathotep, but not after leaving a lineage that'll eventually birth Rothrock Lovecraft.
  • Frank Belknap Long- (1901-1994) AKA 'Umr At-Tawil, he is a horror writer and another friend of Lovecraft who also expanded upon the Cthulhu Mythos, and the first-mate of his crew. He was formerly cursed into a lifelink with Abdul Alhazred and the Necronomicon until Luz freed him. He is now an elf-like demon but retains half of his 'Umr form and all of 'Umr's powers. He died by turning his lungs into monsters and faking pneumonia to become a handsome taller demon like Lovecraft.
  • Maurice W. Moe- (1882–1940) AKA Joel Manton, he was an American amateur journalist and English teacher who knew Lovecraft starting in 1914, and notified him of his outstanding student Alfred Galpin. He died of cancer, but Lovecraft took his soul and made him into a human-elf demon named Joel Manton after the character of The Unnamable.
  • August Derleth- (1909-1971) AKA Thomas Olney, he is a friend of Lovecraft who founded the Arkham House publishing for weird fiction and expanded upon the Cthulhu Mythos, and now his second-mate. He died by turning his own heart into a monster and faking a heart attack, allowing him to become a red heart-skinned demon.
  • Clark Ashton Smith- (1893-1961) AKA Eibon, he is an American author, artist, and another friend of Lovecraft who also expanded upon the Cthulhu Mythos, and is his third-mate. He faked his own death through turning all his organs into monsters and faking tuberculosis, becoming a red-violet demon with some exposed bones and muscles, and also the sorcerer that wrote the Book of Eibon.
  • Robert E. Howard- (1906-1936) AKA Conan Cimmerian, he is a prolific Texan author and creator of the adventure hero Conan the Barbarian. He and Lovecraft corresponded voluminously from 1930 to his suicide in 1936, and became Lovecraft's fourth-mate and battlemage to cover for his cowardly act of suicide, as his suicide made him a traditional and ugly demon because of the views of suicide being a sin.
  • Robert Bloch- (1907-1994) AKA Ludvig Prinn, he is a prolific American writer and student for Lovecraft whom tutored him in the craft of writing during their four-year association, and his fifth-mate. He died by turning his own esophagus into a monster and faking esophageal cancer, becoming a slender half-lich demon.
  • Ambrose Bierce- (1842-circa 1914) AKA Juan Romero, An American short-story writer, war veteran, poet, and journalist who, though not meeting Lovecraft IRL, his work was described by him as 'grim and savage' and shining as great examples of weird fiction. He died at an unknown point during the Mexican Revolution, and his death was a mystery. But he was really killed by falling into an unknown chasm and getting eaten by an Outer God posing as Huitzilopochtli, the Mesoamerican deity of human sacrifice, which was sought after by the Revolution's enemy, which Lovecraft covered up with help from R.H. Barlow in the story The Transition of Juan Romero. He is now a bird-like demon.
  • Robert W. Chambers- (1865-1916) AKA Hildred Castaigne, he is an American artist and fiction writer whose story The King In Yellow was admired by Lovecraft and his circle, and died the same way as Lovecraft, faking intestinal cancer by turning them into a monster, becoming a demon like Lovecraft, but with horns and a yellow robe.
  • Samuel Loveman- (1887-1976) AKA Harley Warren, he is an American poet, critic, dramatist, and friend of Lovecraft whose Demon Realm identity of Harley was in his story The Statement of Randolph Carter, and serves as Lovecraft's crew occultist and magician. He died of a stroke by turning his circulatory system into a monster and therefore became a demon consisting of a living heart, arteries and veins that must be covered by a cloak and hood.
  • R.H. Barlow- (1918-1951) AKA Sir Follows, he was a correspondent and friend of Lovecraft appointed by him as the executor of his literary estate. He committed suicide from an overdose of barbiturate and thus became a semi-skeletal demon, becoming his crew assistant.
  • Seabury Quinn- (1889-1969) AKA Jules de Grandin, he is a Weird Tales publisher and the author of the Jules de Grandin stories until he fakes his death via faking atrophic arthritis via turning his own bones into a living skeleton, making him a near-skeletal human-like demon with visible bones on his chest, becoming his famous character.
  • Edwin Baird- (1886-1954) AKA Scribe Trowbridge, he is the first editor of Weird Tales, the pioneering pulp magazine that specialized in horror fiction which Lovecraft's stories were mostly published on. Though there is no cause of death, he says that he willingly let himself die by natural causes and became an elf-like demon for Lovecraft's crew when he learned about Lovecraft's true fate, and ended up becoming Dr. Trowbridge of the Jules de Grandin stories of Seabury Quinn who became the same character, until he opted to mostly be the scribe of Lovecraft's team.
  • Donald Wandrei- (1908-1987) AKA Alan Marsdale, he is an American science fiction, fantasy and weird fiction writer, and co-founder of Arkham House. Though he has no cause of death, he says he willingly killed himself from natural causes when he found out about Lovecraft's true fate, becoming an fiery-themed elf-like demon, and a great demon hunter.
  • Lin Carter- (1930-1988) AKA Harold Hadley Copeland, he is one of the many Lovecraftian writers and the author of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series, and the Lovecraftian Xothic Legend Cycle. He died via giving himself a devilish tumor and faking cancer, making him a deformed humanoid demon and an excellent archaeologist.
  • Bernard Austin Dwyer- (1897-1943) AKA The Clergyman, he was a weird fiction writer and a correspondent for Lovecraft who engaged in wide-ranging discussions with Lovecraft on such subjects as cosmicism. Dying by a demon leaking into Earth, he became the titular character of the story The Evil Clergyman until being rescued by Luz.
  • Rheinhart Kleiner- (1892–1949) AKA Saint John, he was a poet of exquisite skill and sensitivity and one of Lovecraft's earliest correspondents. After being killed by his beginning career of weird fiction writing being cut short when he became the unnamed narrator of the Lovecraftian story The Hound, becoming a ghoul until he was rescued by Luz.
  • E. Hoffman Price- (1898-1988) AKA Joe Slater, he was an American writer of popular fiction, a self-titled 'fictioneer', for the pulp magazine marketplace. He collaborated with H. P. Lovecraft on Through the Gates of the Silver Key. Upon his non-fake death via a heart attack on his computer while writing on the mystery of the entrance of the Dreamlands, he became Joe Slater, the demon warrior guardian of the Seventy Steps of Light Slumber, the Seven-Hundred Steps of Deep Slumber, the Walls of Sleep, or any other entrance to the Dreamlands through his duplication ability, the master of Nasht and Kaman-Thah in the Cavern of Flames.
  • Hazel Heald- (1896-1961) AKA Madam Dhol, she was an author who collaborated for five of Lovecraft’s stories and accompanied him in adventures on the continent of Mu, especially so with him and Lin Carter to fight in the adventures that inspired the Xothic Cycle. Hazel’s death turned her into a succubus with large thin wings.