Ranger Ken

Ranger Ken

Ranger Ken is a Tasmanian Devil from the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger world. He is a ranger through and through, and the only thing he cares about more than the local flora and fauna is ginger beer. Whenever a croc needs tagging, a fire need putting out or a species needs saving from extinction, he`ll be there.


Ranger Ken is a male Tasmanian Devil, is a forest ranger, a member of Bush Rescue, and is very devoted to protecting wild life and natural environments.


Ken is seen in all three games.

In Ty 1 he is met in Walk In the Park and asks Ty to rescue a flock of cave bats from a soon-to-be-flooding cave. He is also seen in Outback Safari in two locations, where he asks Ty to put out house fires started by Frills, and to stop the flow of toxic chemicals into a watering hole. In Beyond the Black Stump he asks Ty to stop some Frills from throwing rocks at cable cars, and has Ty use a snowball shooter to stop Frills starting bushfires.

In Ty 2 he is seen in Burramudgee Town outside the sewer, and has Ty get rid of some crocs inside. He also participates in a helicopter mission to tag some crocs in a river where he has Ty claw the crocodiles with the helicopters while Ranger Ken wrestles them, sprays them, and throws them back in the water. Ranger Ken also appears as a racer in some of the race tracks.

In Ty 3 he is in New Burramudgee, but is involved in only one quest.

In Ty 2013, Ranger Ken is the subject of one of the story missions, having been kidnapped by a robot impersonating Sly.


Ken seems to really appreciate Ty's help and work ethic. He does seem do have a real problem with the frills.

Role in the series

Ranger Ken, as a member of Bush Rescue, helps them in The Troupe of Lightning since Boss Cass is a member of The Guild of Thunder.

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