Rasputin is a powerful member of the Villain League and is the main villain of the animated film Anastasia and is based loosely on the real-life Rasputin: however in the film he is depicted as a far more malevolent creature than the real-life Rasputin, though the two share the common title of "Mad Monk". Rasputin plans on destroying the Russian royalty and sparks a revolution in which many of the royal house are killed yet falls victim to his own madness when he falls through thin ice in an attempt to murder the tsar's youngest daughter - seemingly drowning himself.

However years later Rasputin revives, having made a pact with demonic forces and now existing as a lich (a malevolent undead creature). Driven by an desire for revenge, he wishes to finish off what he started before his death and kill Anastasia. Putting his demonic minions to work on finding and destroying her but failing, he is accompanied throughout the film by his reluctant minion Bartok - who is an albino bat who constantly tries to sway Rasputin away from his obsession but is largely ignored.

Rasputin finally grows tired of his magic failing and uses his power to confront Anastasia personally - only to be killed in the resulting battle when he loses his amulet and Anastasia crushes it underfoot, which in turn destroys the magic keeping Rasputin alive and his body is reduced to dust while, presumably, his soul is dragged back to Hell.

Role in the Series

Rasputin has been recruited to the Villain League and currnetly shares a friendship with Dr. Facilier and Lord of Snakes Cobra due to all three of them having similar stories and amulets under their control. it's unknown if Rasputin is set to appear like Galaxhar, due to a crossover of the film he appeared him was canned cause of copyright and Scroopfan's account on Vimeo has been deleted.

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