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Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank are the main characters of the Ratchet and Clank video game series. Ratchet is one of the only surviving Lombaxes in his universe, and Clank is his robot sidekick, and together, they are the most heroic duo in the UUniverses. They are part of a heroic group called the Anti-Team Nefarious Freedom Fighters.

Ratchet was born on the old Lombax-inhabited planet of Fastoon who was sent to the Solana Galaxy on Planet Veldin after his parents were killed. He became a rocket engineer, and soon met Clank, who was born on Quartu and was destined to be the new Senior Caretaker of The Great Clock after his half-father Orvus. They had many adventures ever since. They saved their universe from many evil plots, including it's own destruction.



Ratchet was born in the Polaris Galaxy on Planet Fastoon as the son of Kaden, the keeper of the Dimensionator, an interdimensional transporter. Days after Ratchet's birth, a Cragmite named Percival Tachyon, who was raised by Lombaxes after being found by trillium miners eons after his kind was sent to another dimension by the Dimensionator during The Great War, had learned about his kind's past, and has attempted to get revenge on the Lombaxes by stealing their technology. He introduced them to technology considerably more advanced than what they were using at the time. Kaden's friend, Alister Azimuth, wanted to help Tachyon despite warnings from Kaden that he couldn't be trusted. Azimuth gave Tachyon full access to all of the Lombaxes' technology, believing it could repair the galaxy from The Great War. But instead, Tachyon used it to lay waste to Fastoon and to try to rebuild the Cragmite Empire. Tachyon killed hundreds of Lombaxes including Kaden and his wife. However, before his death, Kaden sent Ratchet to the Solana Galaxy to Planet Veldin where he could be safe. All the other Lombaxes retreated to another dimension, and forbidden Azimuth from joining for allowing Tachyon to get his hands on their technology. Years later, Ratchet meets Clank when he was searching for a way to save the galaxy from Chairman Drek, and despite not getting along at first, the two manage to defeat Drek, and they become well-known heroes. They eventually meet Emperor Tachyon. Later, while Ratchet searches for the past of his kind in order to stop Tachyon, their heroic coward friend, Captain Qwark, accidentally gets the Dimensionator into Tachyon's hands, allowing him to free the Cragmites from their dimension, and invades the Polaris Galaxy. Ratchet learns little information about his past from Tachyon in the final battle, and Tachyon is defeated. Later, Clank is taken by a race that he has been seeing throughout their quest called the Zoni, and Ratchet soon learns that he was connected to a Zoni device called the Great Clock. Ratchet eventually meets Alister Azimuth, and they search for Clank together. Azimuth reveals that he has competed with Nefarious on his plans for the Great Clock, about his past, and his plans to use the Great Clock to undo his mistakes in the past. When they find Clank, he reveals that the Clock was meant to keep temporal stability across the universe, and not as a time machine. Upset about his plans, Azimuth leaves. Yet after Ratchet and Clank defeat Nefarious, Azimuth rescues them before they collide into his space station. When Azimuth is denied to save his race once again, he gets furious, and brutally kills Ratchet. However, Clank manages to save him by going back 6 minutes in time, and preventing Ratchet from getting killed. After a huge battle, Azimuth realizes his mistake, and sacrifices himself to save the universe from total annihilation. When Clank decides to pass his duties to his friend, Sigmund, he rejoins Ratchet, and they continue their wonderous adventures.


Clank's real name is XJ-0461. He was created on Planet Quartu as a part of a production line of sentry-bots that would assist Ratchet and Clank's soon-to-be enemy, Chairman Drek. Clank escaped after learning Drek's plans, but was shot down and crashed on Planet Veldin, where he met Ratchet, who named him Clank after he accidentally made a 'clank' sound. They eventually succeeded on defeating Drek, and had many other adventures until they met Emperor Tachyon, the murderer of Ratchet's parents. On many occasions during the duo's quest to stopping Tachyon, Clank sees a race of invisible and ultraintellegent creatures called Zoni. The Zoni helps Clank on numerous occasions, and tell events in the future. After they stop Tachyon, Clank is taken by the Zoni to The Great Clock, where he is told that he is it's upcoming caretaker after his father, Orvus. With help from the Clock's Junior Caretaker, Sigma-0426A or 'Sigmund', and after escaping the clutches of Dr. Nefarious, Clank learns how to take care of the Clock, and about it's purpose. He learns that eons ago, the Zoni introduced their gifts of time-travel to their worshippers the Fongoids. However, the Fongoids' 'overzealous use' of it caused a tiny rip in the fabric of the space-time continuum that destroyed 83 planets. Then Orvus created the Great Clock to repair the rift and keep temporal stability. He learns many things from his half-father Orvus in his self-conscious about how to perform his duties, and eventually meets up with Ratchet. They stop Dr. Nefarious, and prevent Alister from accidentally destroying the universe. Giving his duties to Sigmund, Clank rejoins Ratchet, and they continue their wonderous adventures.

Role in the series

Ratchet and Clank make their first appearance in SpongeBob and Friends meet The Thief and The Cobbler to help the Shell Lodgers battle Nefarious. Since then, they have both been great allies to the heroic team, and have become founding members of the Anti-Team Nefarious Freedom Fighters along with Ratchet's girlfriend, Talwyn Apogee, and the enemies of all of Team Nefarious' members. While Ratchet is known to be versatile, being able to use any weapon he can find, he decided to traditionally carry 8 weapons: 2 Omniblasters which he found much comfortable fighting with since he defeated the Nethers, a CryoMine Glove since it was invented by his father, as well as a Fusion Grenade Glove for common detonations, an Alpha Disruptor, which was the first Lombax weapon he came across, a Plasma Striker which he found pretty nice to use, a Warmonger Rocket Launcher, and his personal favorite, the RYNO V, which in the games, were unlockable through various means. He also keeps his father's Hoverboots, and even Clank still carries the many upgrades he gained through the games like the helicopter pack, thruster pack, water-pack for helping Ratchet swim faster, and the glide wings for Ratchet to take to the skies. With all this power, it makes sense that Ratchet and Clank would be good leaders.

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