Rav B. RaSkyne, AKA The Rayburn Skyrider, is an Alternate UUniversal Invervasaur from Planet Scyria. She is a priestess who hailed in the Scorchar Desert where a minor meteor missile struck during the era of the Scyrians. When she finds the desolate desert obelisk found in the crater, she makes her tribe in it and sees it as a representation of her God, revering it. The tribe becomes a religion-free village and she is elected de facto leader, thriving and welcoming newcomers. Then a Mephean robber named Johno Coopher comes with friends in the intent to rob people. She sets up Johno as a sheriff and they begin to get pacified and skilled at fighting dinosaurs. When they go to fix a water pipe, they're attacked by a pack of Mangrimax lucuses, or M-Lucuses, that can adapt to use firearms. Johno rescues Rav from bandits intending to hold her ransom, and kills them despite Rav's reluctance. They train them to use guns and this allows them to defend the village from a night M-Lucus attack. They hatch a plan to prepare for another attack with help from Johno's Mephean ex-girlfriend and lieutenant, Cehyha, an agent from Roozsia, who specializes in explosives. Despite reluctance, Rav lets them attack and they succeed at the cost of Johno suffering an injury from an M-Lucus. Rav neglects her duties to care for him. The two fall in love and when he recovers, they find a hunting party missing when a Dracthosaur, a fire-breathing draconian dinosaur, attacks them. Then the obelisk hums, and as Rav sees it as pleasure from her God, Johno sees it as dangerous. Later, the obelisk causes earthquakes and lightning storms, destroying the village and kills everyone except Johno and Rav. The two find an abandoned village filled with Dracthosaurs who kill Johno, and Rav furiously kills them. Losing her belief in her god, she ends up raising Dracthosaur eggs with their power hers to command. She later goes by the name 'Rayburn Skyrider', a 'frightener figure' who comes in dire need. She eventually rescues Heili Runner from falling to death from a flying invisible skyscraper, and has been watching her since she arrived, and she learns about the properties of the obelisks and that they were built to provide information and salvation. She teaches Heili how to fly a Dracthonosaur, helping her find Edwyn Stonewell and bring him to her mountain house, though Rav mistrusts Edwyn because he is too obsessed with the artifacts and obelisks not of Tiikon origin, knowing how potentially dangerous this technology is, and more so after they share their origin and about the Scyrians. She reluctantly helps the two access the obelisks and ends up almost dying from an attack from a Guardian Temple's Mantilovia, a synapsid lion rare on most worlds in the AUU, getting her a non-robotic prosthetic leg. After she gets them to Lapse Wastes, Rav takes Heili's pet Earbitidium Scanner and her Dracthonosaurs to travel the world aiming to conceal the dangers of the Scyrian technology from people aiming to abuse it, often reuniting with Heili and her new friends once or twice.


Rav was born in a village called Luxem in the Scorchar Desert, a desert on Scyria born as the result of an asteroid strike during the age of the Scyrians. Unlike most of the people on the planet, Luxem didn't live inside a colonial dome of Tiikon origin. Rav grew under the same belief of the others that the advanced technology all around them were created by the AUU Gods of Invervitrax. She greatly admired the story of the split personality god Plakmet, who struggled on whether or not to be good or evil in a world of chaos and imbalance. This story was too similar to her own as the storms and beasts of the Scorchar Desert were never merciful. She lost too many friends and family members to have a good outlook before reading Plakmet's story. She thus became a priestess who successfully taught her village to survive in the desert. Happy that the village will prosper, Rav left on a crusade to establish a new city that shows the pinnacle of her inspiration.

She traveled with her Limel out to the unforgiving deserts and found the Scyrian obelisk in the center of the giant crater, which she always felt curious about despite being in the forbidden center lands. She established her camp there and built a humongous ziggurat and shrine below the obelisk which sat above a very large oasis. With enough resources for an entire city, she spread around the crater desert and found enough people to use the resources to start construction. Eventually the city that came to be known as Krater Cention. The city was like no other as it came to know and look upon everyone, and even pleased her dying parents. The city worshipped the obelisk as a relic of the Gods. The people become a religion-free village and she is elected de facto leader, a position she didn't want but accepted because of her compassion to her people, thriving and welcoming newcomers.

Rav continued to lead for a year until she meets a Mephean named Johno Coopher. Initially, he and his crew intended to pillage the city before changing their minds after learning how much they have done for the crater as Rav convinces him that he doesn't have to be an outlaw and can instead do some good here seeing how clever and strong he turned out. He is named their sheriff as a result and his crew being deputies. However she shows displeasure in the use of guns, seeing them as too powerful and something wieldable only to gods. She is surprised that he managed to turn the police into a military-style force, finding his skill and fighting prowess something the gods would be proud of. Though they don't share the same religious views, they share the same philosophical views in two inspiring stories, with Johno looking up to the stories of the Spookbird and Eox, a giant huge owl-like bird and a trickster fox-like canine.

Rav established more trade routes all over Scorchar allowing Krater Cention to grow and prosper, conducting most diplomacy between her city and other settlements all over the crater desert. But eventually, bandits disguised as merchants offered trade of mysterious new resources. But as soon as Rav arrived, they take her prisoner for ransom. These merchants abuse her for her religious views being after the power of the obelisks. Soon, Johno rescues her with his army, but when the head bandit uses Rav as a meatshield, Johno tricks the two into thinking he'd kill both of them, only faking his death before killing the bandit leader. Though she was rescued, Rav was angry at Johno for not only scaring her, but bringing needless bloodshed. Left with no other choice, Rav elects to learn how to use firearms to better protect herself so that others wouldn't have to, conducting the life of Plakmet, who used her evil personality to save herself if need be. But after having poor aim and putting down sick animals, going to trembling sobs when the gun fires, believing she couldn't take the life of a person. But with help from Johno, her shots steady.

As Krater Cention grows into being the capital of the crater, this attracts the attention of M-Lucuses, giant Mangrises which are known for moving and hunting like sentient beings with intelligence to the point where their opposable thumbs can use weapons and even firearms, as well as setting traps. They attack the city, taking many lives. Johno's army is eventually able to ward them off and he decides to track and kill them at the source. Rav begs him not to go, noting she's concerned for his safety and not for the safety of Krater Cention. They actually succeed after days, destroying their nest at the cost of half their army, and he is severely injured saving his demolition expert and ex-girlfriend from a lunging M-Lucus. Rav drops her duties and focuses on helping Johno recover. In time, the two end up falling in love and form a relationship.

A month later, after Johno finds that a hunting party went missing due to a flock of Dracthysaurs, draconian dinosaurs, the obelisk hums and while Johno grows weary of it, Rav sees it as a sign of pleasure from the gods. But even though Johno warns her that it might be dangerous, she asks him to find hope and faith. But the next day, the obelisk begins reacting terribly and summons earthquakes and violent lightning storms. This destroys Krater Cention as everyone there is killed, the only ones surviving being Johno and Rav, riding out of the destruction on a sabertooth feline. Krater Cention collapses and falls underground forever, and Rav feels betrayed and stupid, blaming herself for not listening to Johno and completely drops all her religious beliefs. With only Johno and their cat steed, they travel the crater desert to find a place to survive. They find a ruined city and go there, but that night, they are trapped by a group that Dracthysaurs, and discover that Krater Cention was destroyed by the Overwatcher, a Scyrian AI that claimed that the 'Adytum Project', the project that monitors all the controlled and contained environments of Scyria, including the Scorchar Desert, are programmed to curb survivors should they grow too powerful, as doing so could compromise the project's goal of reterraforming a wasted planet. With no other choice, Johno sacrifices himself to allow Rav to escape, seemingly dying after killing one Dracthysaur. In an extreme raging loss and regret for these corrupted creatures, Rav takes the cat and kills all of the Dracthysaurs, losing the cat in the process. Sobbing the rest of the trip due to the loss of her love interest, she accidentally came across an entire group of Dracthysaur eggs. Tempted to smash the eggs because of what the creatures themselves did to her, she soon asks herself what if these monsters were hers to command. With a new opportunity and a new way to hold onto her beliefs, she steals all the eggs and raises them as her own. She then devote her life to protecting the Scorchar Desert, self-proclaiming herself as the lord of the crater desert once more, garnering the identity of the 'Rayburn Skyrider'.

Decades later, Rav maintains peace with her beasts as everyone looks up to her as a harbinger of peace. She even ends up rescuing a newcoming stranger named Heili, who fell from the sky and was grabbed by Rav before she fell to her death. Despite believing Rav to be her friend Meya, she aims to find out more about her. Rav starts watching over her curious of where she came from and saves her from a giant Rock Monster with a lightning Dracthosaur. After Heili learns of how the desert sees her, she follows her to Mount Nostet through watching the flight patterns of her Dracthosaurs. Upon her arrival, Rav is impressed by her intelligence, but not surprised given her race being technophilic marvels, and the two share what they know, with Rav revealing that she knows the history of the entire crater desert for the past few decades since the destruction of Krater Cention, the former capital of Scorchar. In turn, Heili shares what she learned about the obelisks like the one she knew about, confirming that she's technically right about them being built by gods, as they were actually under research by her mother, the esteemed Johnna Runner, who mysteriously died studying the secrets of the Scyrians.

Determined to help her believing it could help more than the desert, Rav teaches Heili how to ride a Dracthosaur and wield their elemental breath, they find that the invisible floating tower she fell from was no longer there. Afterward, as Heili flew the desert searching for clues on where to go next, she comes across Edwyn Stonewell, a 'friend' of hers from Animosity Island, who actually despised her for interfering with his plans to capitalize on Scyrian technology. Upon arriving, Stonewell didn't earn the trust of Rav, because not only was she insulted by his pompous self-loving behavior, unsubtle hatred for Heili, and even the fact her pet Scanny was always nosing in on him. This made Rav extremely suspicious of Edwyn, and just like with Meya, she tries to warn Heili that he may not be safe. Like before, Heili doesn't believe her, not knowing what he did behind her back on the island. Rav is almost angered at this obliviousness because it's the same thing that cost her Krater Cention when she ignored Johno's warnings about the obelisk, she only says that she had to be careful who she trusts.

She guides the two to find the two artifacts that activates a portal to the Mantilovia, an ancient rare synapsid that serves as the guardian of the key to the obelisk's teleport beacon. Despite hesitance in returning to the obelisk, she obliges according to her purpose in life and it's what Johno would've wanted. They arrive at the Mantilovia's den and despite defeating it, it persists and escapes the den chasing them because Edwyn steals enhancelement, which he has been fixated on studying and a metal that the Mantilovia had been trained to keep out of mortal hands. It destroys much of the desert looking for it and the key as ordered by the Overwatcher, the AI that sees Heili as a danger like her mother, whom it killed for the safety of the Scyrians. When Rav learns about it's ability to smell enhancelement, and that it evolved the beast into the manticore-like monster it is today, Rav steals the enhancelement from a stubborn Edwyn and returns it. But the Mantilovia still intends to kill them, they are mysterious rescued by Johno, who actually survived his encounter with the Dracthosaurs and raised not only Dracthosaurs that watched over Rav for decades, but lived underground the whole time fighting Graboid-like deathworms and raising Rockour lizards and Rock Monsters to find out what's at stake in the Scorchar Desert when he finds the exact same metal that Edwyn was so interested in. Discovering that the keys to the answers are found in Lapse Wastes, a radioactive wasteland with a glowing underground ecosystem, he and Rav help Heili and Edwyn slay the Mantilovia. With the two lovers reunited, they help the two go to Lapse Wastes to finish their journey, and continue becoming the guardians of Scorchar Desert, which they still do today.

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